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    This is a tip for newbies such as myself--I'm sure it's old hat to you pros I can't do just one type of woodwork; I had to try them all--and I suffered from too many choices...

    I've started keeping a bucket full of sample pieces. Every time I buy a new wood, I cut some two inch squares and use every type of finish, paint, or stain on them that I might conceivably want to use on that type of wood and put them in the bucket. Then when I'm drawing up a new piece, I can just pull out the relevant samples and see what suits me the best. I've found it really cuts down on the worry lines on my forehead!

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    I bet it would help with the aggrivation if you would empty that bucket and glue those 2 inch squares to a wall, the door, or some other type of story board? Its a good idea to make up samples. Dale
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      I've always wanted finished's just the time and effort involved. It's good thinking because you need to plan your colors on what it will look like with a finish on it, not in the buff. Fortunately for me, I have a good memory and I have so much of my intarsia's that I can go back and look at them whenever I need to. If I was a business, I'd be my best customer.
      Jeff Powell


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