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  • those little fuzzies

    I have no idea how most of you deal with getting the fuzzies of the back of your art work especially the more intricate ones, I tried this yesterday with a tip I got from a Jeff Zaffino artical he uses one of those mini torches to burn them off, I used this method and it seems to work quite will just be careful and don't let the flame rest in one spot keep it moving oh and a word of caution make really sure the mineral spirits you've used to ripe your project down has had time to evaporate
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    Daryl, this is the same method I use, and I can't imagine any other way that could be simpler, especially on some of those delicate cuts you find on Jz's patterns. Here's another tip, place you piece face down on a flat surface while you burn it and you dont have to worry about the flame scorching the finished side.

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      Since I've been using reverse tooth blades, fuzzies are almost non-existant. Even cuts that are simply one kerf wide. I will admit, though, that I generally toss blades after a few cuttings since they are pretty inexpensive items.

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        If you use a flame spreader on the torch, it will make it so the flame will not be as hot in a small area. I hope this will help as well.

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          One more thing to remember if you use a torch to remove the fuzzies is to have a backer board behind it which also keeps the flame away from the front side. Another thing I found is if you have some very thin pieces be very careful as they will burn easily. Just like scrolling it takes practice.
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            The first blades I used for Jeffs patterns were reverse spirals .Don`t use them anymore , just regular spirals as with the reverse ones had fuzzies on the top,good side.
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              Burning the fuzzies?

              Better go back and read JZ's article again.
              To quote the article."If you have applied ANY solvent to the wood at all (including any used to pre-finish the wod).DO NOT use the torch".
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