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Adventures in dust collection - # 3

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  • Adventures in dust collection - # 3

    Although probably unnecessary, I did add a Jet Air Filtration System. I do use hearing protection and also use a dust mask. With all of the dust collection, I use the Vog micro fiber dust mask as it is comfortable, light, and quick to take on and off. The real test is that after several hours of scrolling I have little or no dust on my eye glasses and presumably little or none in my lungs. For pattern attachment, I use 3M Mailing Tape, spray it with 3M General Purpose # 45 spray adhesive, and then attach the pattern.

    Although testing and rejecting different things in my scroll set up, two mistakes come most readily to mind. I would not again buy the stand or light with the DW 788 or even the stand with the Ex 21unless the Ex 21 stand came in a package deal at no extra cost. I would probably look for a cheaper price than the package price and then get a separate stand and light. I do not have and doubt I would like the Ex 21 light but then I do have old eyes. In either case I would want a stand which would accept my mounting the saw on 3/4 inch plywood. If doing it over, for either saw I would probably get the HTC Universal Tool Table from Woodcraft or look for something similar at Harbor Freight. The second and by far most costly mistake for me in my paranoia on dust collection was getting the Trend Airshield Pro with Ear Defenders. After reading numerous reviews I decided to bite the bullet and although it does a great job of protecting from dust, it is heavy, difficult and time consuming to take on and off, and the fan noise is not deadened by the Ear Defenders since it sits right on your head. Having said all of that, if someone wants one which is barely used and comes with an extra battery and air filters, I have one for sale at a very low price.

    At this point my want list consists of one item. I would like to find a machinist who for a reasonable price could do a new table for the Ex 21. I would have it 2 inches wider on each side and 4 inches longer in the front. Because of the design and attachment method of the Ex 21 table, I think it could be done rather easily for the Ex 21.

    This is the last post on this topic. I hope something in some of this has helped some of you.
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