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Adventures in dust collection - # 2

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  • Adventures in dust collection - # 2

    I started with a shop vacuum and because of having to constantly open it up and bang the filter against a tree to get the dust out of the filter, I added a dust separator which I found probably caught less than one-half of the dust. Scroll dust is probably the finest dust you will ever get while woodworking and the dust did not have sufficient weight for the dust separator to do an efficient job. I was still banging the filter against a tree, just less frequently. After hearing about Fein vacuums and seeing that one model had a knob and brush method for cleaning the filter without opening the vacuum I decided to give it a try. Even though being somewhat skeptical, I purchased a Fein Turbo II 9-20-25 with filter cleaning system on line from CPOFein and am extremely please with the filter cleaning system. Fein has an unusual hose size and for connecting to the PVC and even with my regular shop vacuum I use the Fein 921072K13 Step Adaptor which is made of rubber and more useful than plastic adapters to go between different size hoses. I also find the Fein 921069A13 1-1/4 inch Flexible Cnnector useful as it is made of rubber. I see DeWalt now has a self cleaning filter on a shop vacuum but even on sale it is quite a bit more pricey than the Fein.

    To avoid separately starting and stopping my vacuum system I use the iVAC Automated Shop Vacuum Switch which starts the vacuum when I start the scroll saw and runs the vacuum for 7 seconds after I shut the scroll saw down. I purchased mine at Woodcraft and was utilizing it before I purchased my Fein so I have never used the one built into the Fein. I am quite pleased with how the iVAC switch works.. The iVAC switch is Item #149950 at Woodcraft. part of the beauty of the iVAC switch is that it can be switched to auto, off, or on. When I do need to do any additional clean up I just pull the vacuum hose from the the PVC, put on a vacuum brush, and switch the iVAC on to run the vacuum. I can also easily disconnect the vacuum hose from the PVC to attach the vacuum to my sander, table saw, or chop saw.

    I will probably need one or two more posts to tell the rest of the story but need to take a break right now.
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