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  • No Measure Picture Frames

    Well while I was working on one of several projects I have going on, I needed to make some more picture frames. I had posted a written tutorial on how I do it a little while ago and thought I would go ahead and make a video on how I do it as well. So here it is. Please let me know what you think of it and please subscribe to my You Tube channel and comment there as well. Enjoy. I know the video quality still needs to be improved, but that is more of a lighting issue than anything and I will eventually get better lighting.

    PictureFrames.mp4 - YouTube

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    Pretty interesting video and it came at a good time because I will be trying my hand at some frames soon too. Thanks for the tutorial.


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      Great video Chris !

      It's all fun
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        I like the video. Clean concise and not a lot of useless comintary. Thanks.


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          Great job on your video Chris! for showing us your method.
          Stoney aka Al

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            I agree with Terry, Chris, great video !


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              You did a nice job.
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                Great tutorial Chris. This will come in very handy for me in the next few months and save me some cash as well. I have some orders for family portraits for Christmas, ( none paying customers - Lol).
                Thanks again for your efforts and generosity.
                I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. Winston Churchill


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                  Thanks for all the kind comments everyone.

                  Mick if you want to make in-expensive frames use 3/4" plywood and paint it like I did. They look great painted. You can also get a neat look if you are using a good grade plywood and you stain them.



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                    Nice video Chris. I'll have to try your plywood suggestion. Try ripping some old 2x4's from your scrap pile too. I've stumbled across some very nice grains and colors for a lot of projects
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                      Really liked the video, Chris. I've been thinking about trying to make a frame. Now I don't have any excuses... I'l have to give it a try, soon. Thanks for sharing! --ekmouse
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                        ekmouse thanks for the kind words.



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                          Great job Chris, I watched one of the other ones where the guy was making an 8 x 10 frame out of barn boards. Was just wondering if he still has all of his fingers after watching him run those boards back and forth on the router table?
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                            That was a great video, Chris! Thank you!



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                              Very nice job Chris. I like the clamping jig you made. Does it work for all sizes of frames or do you have one for each size you make? I never seem to be able to make more than two frames of any one size.

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