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  • Glue Syringes and Needles

    Hello fellow scroller's, thought I might pass this along in case someone can use the information. If you need to dispense glue using a syringe you might check out Dr. Foster's and Smith's Vet supply site. You can get syringes and needles for horses in several size syringes and needles as well as needle length. I just ordered 10 12cc syringes and 10 18 gauge 1.5 inch needles for $5.90 and free shipping. That seems to be a lot cheaper than then ones you can get on E-bay or the wood working sites.
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    "Tractor Supply" store has them also.
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      I often see them in independent hardware stores and bought a set of 2 about 3 years ago. I know I paid under $8 for both and they're designed to dispense glue, not meds for horses or whatever. Because they were designed for woodworking, I don't ever anticipate having to replace them for as long as I live. There are a couple of tricks for the care of "glue" dispensing syringes.

      Before storing, even overnight, after use, set your syringe in a corner or propped up upside down to let all air bubbles to surface.

      If your dispenser dries up with old glue, dismantle it and run hot water over all parts. Hot water melts old glue buildup and your syringe will be like new.
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        Thanks for the post and tips. The point I was making is that you can get the syringes much cheaper and they should work just as well as your $4.00 one only they cost about $.59 each. As many have said, if yours works for you then great! Myself, I am retired and on a budget. I try to cut pennies when I can and this is one way. I think the 10 I am getting will last me forever.


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          I have never used a syringe for gluing and I wanted to ask if a regular needle works as well as one made for gluing?


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            Larry, small gauge regular needles will work but they clog very easily and become frustrating to use. The needle is very difficult to flush to keep it clear so it does not clog inbetween uses.
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