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    This is probably old news for most but once again being lazy has paid off. I had sanded and blue taped a piece and realized for some strange reason i had put the spray adhesive away the last time I used it. I grabbed the bottle of Elmers white glue all and applied a small amount to the tape and spread it with my finger until the area looked wet and applied the pattern normally and wiped off any glue outside of the pattern.
    Since then thats all I use for gluing patterns. It even gives you a few seconds to re position if needed.
    No wait time to start cutting and not a single lift problem and I like it much more than the $9.00 can of glue or the mess.
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    Good on ya...
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      I've been gluing my patterns onto contact paper since my 2nd cut - pretty sure the contact paper is cheaper than blue painters tape but still does the same thing - pretty sure it lubes the blade and sure is easy to remove.
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        Thanks for the idea.

        I believe the key to gluing or stack cutting techniques is to do whatever works for you. There really is no single right or wrong way.

        Personally, I don't want to take the time to find an appropriated tool for spreading glue, then taking the time to wash it (or my fingers) before moving onto the next step. In the same light, I can't imagine making sure I have enough waste areas so I can drive nails to hold a stack together, then making sure the nail doesn't push through the bottom layer to scratch my saw.

        Others think that's the best and only way to do it.

        As far as cost, blue tape and spray glue might add a few pennies to a project, but I personally seem them as saving time. Others would rather save the pennies, but again, that's what works best for them.


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          Hey, Oily, I like your idea. In fact, I use an Elmer's glue stick, the one that goes on purple and dries clear... I like the purple because you can see the area that you've covered.
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