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    not sure if its ethical or not if its not please delete thread
    I was at one of our local flea markets a few weekends back and I noticed several stores carrying those frosted glass patterns and I thought to my self would it be possible to scroll these I explained to several of the store owners what my intensions where to try they didn't seem to mind, so last night I enlarges one 200% and with a bit of work I think these could be scrolled so next time you see some of these take a look and see what you think, I,ll try and post pictures when I get a chance, the wife and I have started packing for our move to Mississippi
    Daryl S. Walters Psycotic scroller with a DeWalt 788

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    Daryl-- I have seen wonderful patterns out of quilting stencils and the stencils for that paint that is dabbed on _ can't think of the name of it right now-- but any place that has stencils would be a good prospect for scrolling.. Good of you to be so smart and think for yourself like that and pass it on. That shows you are truly one of


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      Correction-- that should read one of us..



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        Sorry to hear of your refrigerator troubles, but glad that Jane is doing well. Hope her recovery continues in that direction. Please send her our regards!
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        Improvisation is certainly acceptable, but some patterns are less forgiving than others. As someone else already said, learn to follow the lines as closely as possible. If you wander from the pattern lines, it is usually best if it is intentional. It takes some time and practice, so don't get too...
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        The lines matter if you are making a multi-layer project if you need things to line up, otherwise it's artist's interpretation.
        Today, 11:24 AM
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        Good luck for your wife and hope she is feeling better, that sucks on the refrigerator, RJ...
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        Good to hear, supporting the local business, we had our roof replaced back in September they had 11 (9 guys 2 girls ). Down here they only do 1 layer, so they removed old and replace any bad roof plywood, they did a great job, RJ...
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