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Latest scam alert...please read.

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  • Latest scam alert...please read.

    I don't know if this one is "new" or not but I only became exposed to it yesterday and ALMOST fell for it...almost.

    It started with this email

    "Good Day
    l want to know if you ship to poland and accept credit cards and
    as a method of payment Looking forward to read back from you

    Have a nice Day ahead

    Mr Paulson

    I replied of course and said shipping to Poland could be arranged. The next day I received another email from this person ordering an very high number of items from me...totaling in the thousands.

    The person then went on to say that I needed to contact "Dammex Shipping" and gave me an email address to use. He said that how it would work is that I would have to pay Dammex for the shipping and then let him know the cost and he would reimburse me for the shipping plus my order cost.

    Something wasn't sitting right and I googled the company name "dammex shipping" and found a few articles where the exact same email I received was sent to others...they went on to say that they actually contacted the "dammex rep" on email and the rep needed them to pay for the shipping thru Western Union...a scam thru and thru. beware.
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    Yep kerry that one has been around in several variations for quite some time. Glad you did not get taken in.
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      Reimburse? Everything is pre-paid and then shipped.
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        Fake Toy orders

        I get them here in Australia too. One recent one was in Alaska, another time someone on a Oil Drilling Platform off the coast of South America, or, ( quite often ), Outer Mongolia, or, 50 miles SOUTH of Cape Town, South Africa,- always asking for wooden toy prices, or, ( in the case of the, Outer Mongolia guy ), " X " hundred thousand dollars worth of my Australian designed toy plans !!
        I am awake to these Scammers these days, but about Five years ago when I first got onto the internet, with a decent computer, & broardband, I very nearly got caught with an enormous Wooden Toys Order to Accra, Ghana in West Africa, but it didn't quite add up, so I did some homework, and checked out the," Business address," etc., via the Ghana High Commission, ( Embassy ), in Canberra, ACT., Australia, which came back, " FAKE " plus a nice thank-you note attached, thanking me for the information supplied, which I gathered endded up with the Accra Police Department, who in turn paid the culprit a most unexpected visit.
        Never, ever heard from THAT business again
        'ave a good day,"


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          Thank you.

          Thanks for the heads up. Forewarned is forearmed.


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