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  • Making a Breadboard

    I said I was going to post a video of how to make a breadboard, well after much time and work I finally have the first part, of a two part series completed. Please watch and subscribe to my you tube channel and leave comments here and there. I want to know what you would like to see in the future, what I could have done better, and what I did well and for that matter, what I did that was great. I Have a number of ideas for future how to videos. - YouTube

    I will be working on improving the viewing quality of my videos. Thanks for watching.

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    Chris, I just looked at your video, and have a few reactions that I hope are helpful.

    I liked that you provided a list of materials in a way that was easy to copy down. Your pacing was clear and easy to follow. And the music filled the "space" without interfering. However, I think you need a higher video resolution, since the video was quite grainy throughout. Although I could see what was going on, it was not easy on the eyes.

    I found that the warnings about safety interfered with viewing the video. You might want to keep that separate, or just add it vocally.

    I would have liked to have seen a picture of the finished project right from the start, to generate excitement about watching the video. At this point, I don't know if you are going to add breadboard ends or any other decorative touch, or keep it just as glued up strips of wood. Maybe getting yourself into the act at the beginning so you can put your "spin" on the project is something to consider.

    Hope this is helpful. You not only want to generate traffic for part 1, but also give folks an incentive to hang around for part 2, which is no easy task!

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      Great comments. I recorderd in 720P HD but I think I picked the wrong settings for the output of the video. The grainy video is because of the lighting situation and I am looking at improving it for the next video I do. I have finished all the recording for this one already. I will look at the warnings and see how I can get them in without the interference issue. There has got a picture of the finished product right after the intro bit, I will have to see about increasing the time that is up so it can be seen better. I want to include myself more into the video in the fiture as well, I have been trying to figure out how I am going to do that for future videos. Thanks for the great information, which I plan on using.


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        I wanted to thank those of you who watched my part one video of how to make a breadboard and send Carole a special thank you for taking the time to comment, So thank you all.


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          Hi Chris - that's a really good first video. Your technique and narrative comes across very well and as Carole noted is nicely paced. The big problem is the resolution one which you already know about. What software did you edit the video in? Whatever you used you should find a preset output for Youtube type movies. I tend to use simple Flash .swf for small movies and mp4 for longer ones. When I post tutorials, rather than using a top end video editing package full of bells and whistles and often a steep learning curve I use Techsmith Camtasia which I can import a video file or files at 720p into, then cut and trim, add comments or audio and finally publish in a fairly painless way. Camtasia doesn't provide the slick transitions you show in your movie but for tutorials where you generally want to be clear and precise it does a good job.

          A couple of comments regarding the content if I may.

          I agree with Carole - seeing the product at the beginning is the enticement to get folks to watch the video and for me is a must.

          One thing I don't like is the black decorative font you used for the comments - it just seems a bit busy and distracting. For instructions I think a nice simple sans serif font works a lot better.

          One technical point which I feel maybe you can look at. When you give closeups of some of your actions for example the cutting on the chop saw its my feeling that you are zooming in too close. I understand you want to show the detail of the cutting but I think that you can risk zooming back out a little to show more of the tools so that your action is associated more with the tool you are using.

          Whatever my opinions let me emphasize that you did a good job. Its definitely not easy making video tuts that are not only easy to understand and give 'idiot proof' instructions but look good and straightforward. I also wish I had your voice to go with my vids!

          Thanks for posting the link
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            I enjoyed your video and won't critique the making of the video as that has been covered already. I do want to mention I am so envious of all your great clamps...LOL I'm curious why you only glued up 2 pieces of wood & then skipped to the next 2 pieces? Why not glue up the entire 1/2 board at once? Then go back and glue up the 2 halves together? I also noticed you did not use any cauls to alleviate any cupping. You did place clamps on top to help but I seem to have a little better luck using gluing/clamping cauls...

            Just a tip...You did a great job for your first tutorial video..

            Clamping cauls: The secret to great glue-ups - Fine Woodworking

            There are many links to cauls on Google.
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              Chris, I did enjoy your video, but as others have said, it was a bit hard on the eyes...I am only saying this because you ask for comments. I know if I was to make a video, no doubt it would be really bad, so for your first one, I'd say you did great. I also have to ask about your nice clamps...where did you purchase them? I look forward to part #2 and I will have to try one of these


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                Thanks you everyone for the comments, many of which I will be putting into effect for the second part of the video.

                For those of you who asked about my clamps...The large bar style clamps believe it or not I got at big lots a number of years ago, every time they showed up I bought them they provide nice clamping pressure and are easy you use. There were 3 quick clamps that were picked up at a box store, and then a number of clamps like the quick clamps but are no where near as good that I picked up at harbor freight for 1.99 each on sale. If you get the harbor freight clamps be prepared to fix them as the plastic (for the lack or a better word) hinge nubs, shear off. To fix I drill through the handle and insert a bolt and nut, after the repair you will get a little better clamping pressure out of them but still not enough to use them solo. I also have a number of other clamps that you don't see in the video that I picked up at Big Lots that are also kinda like the quick clamps that work great as well.

                Anyway again thanks for the great comments they all will help me produce better videos in the future.
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