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Stitching large pattern back together

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  • Stitching large pattern back together

    When scanning a pattern from the magazine which is larger than my scanner (8.5x11 I think), it's always a pain to put the pieces together on the wood. So I usually get copies made at an office supply store. Since I have a printer that will print paper sizes larger than 8.5x11, I decided to do some research on the web and find a better way.

    I found a FREE product from Microsoft Research called Image Composite Editor (ICE). Just take the scanned pieces of the pattern, drop them on the window ICE provides, and like magic it creates a stitched together pattern. Export it as a jpg file, and then you can print it, feed it to Rapid Resizer, or whatever.

    Not sure how many of you will find this useful, but since I live 30 miles from the nearest office supply store where I usually get copies of large patterns made, this helps me a lot. Here's the website where I found it. I assume it Windows only since it's from Microsoft.

    Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor (ICE)

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    Terry, I use Postrazor to make larger patterns. I line them up and tape them together before I apply them to the work.
    I also included a couple other programs I often use.
    All are free downloads
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