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dw788 stalling

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  • dw788 stalling

    my dw788 keeps stalling.
    i beleive it is the linkage that is causing it.
    seems ok when i put it back together, then it stalls again,
    and invariable...blows the fuse.
    the motor runs fine not connected to the linkage.

    any ideas, where pinch points might be?
    I seem to be at a loss...
    tnank you
    Be the good,
    you want to see in the world...

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    I would think the circuit board is bad.

    It's all fun
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      Rob, does it start & then stall, or does it just not start? It sounds like the pivot isn't turning smooth enough & stops the motor. There really isn't too much to hold it still & not run. It's hard to diagnose, without being there. Good Luck


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        It starts,then just stops.
        I tried taking it apart,again and again,and cannot figuire where it is binding,since those sleve bushings all line up and bolt thru,it seems something gets caddy whompis when it is all together...
        Question; when it is all put back,should you be able to move the blade holders(with blade in) up and down and get movement?

        Be the good,
        you want to see in the world...


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          Progressive testing

          Without the ability to see the exact positions of everything were all guessing as to exactly where you are in your discription ,My advice would be to check every thing for clearance and movement as your putting it back together item for item,the real test is as soon as you can install a blade manually check the up dn movement prior to putting on covers ,some thing is in disarray only by cking each and every movement will you find the offender ,the same goes for putting on the covers step- test- step one bolt at a time etc, then test for free movement till you find binder .once you find that you can attempt resolution
          my vast experience in trouble shooting machines for 50 yrs,suggests you will find something simple ,hiding out in the open ,just overlooked ,back to the basics ,just like deer hunting on the walk ,One step ,look twice one step look twice .
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            I had this happen to my DeWalt..... as soon as I started it the nut that connects the motor to the rest of the linkage would spin on too tight and stall the machine. I fixed it by putting locktite on that nut. ( then sold the machine)
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              Sorry to say, I did just what Jim did...once the machine started acting up, it just got worse and I went on to a Hegner. I hope you find a good fix for your saw.


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       almost sounds like it could be used for a boat anchor!
                I guess i cant complain, ive had it since was a good run.

                Now,should i advertise it on craigs list for parts?
                It is a type one.
                I guess I'll keep an eye out for a replacement...
                Thanks Everyone
                Be the good,
                you want to see in the world...


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                  Sorry, you can't get the culprit fixed. I know it sure is annoying. I had a problem with mine a while back( blade vibrating) only with the smallest spiral blade. The larger blades didn't do it.??? I took it apart, checked everything & put it back together , wahla, it didn't do it any more. Don't ask what I did, cause I don't even know. HA. It sure is aggrevating, when you can't get it fixed- at home. Good Luck


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                    My DW started doing what seems like the same thing yesterday. I was cutting for couple hours with #3 and made a blade change to #7 to get the larger board down to size. Then it seemed to not come up to top speed and then I could stall the blade movement with only moderate pressure. Before this happened there were some gremlin noises that I figured were telling me to blow out the saw dust next time I had a chance.

                    Another thing is that once or twice the saw wouldn't start moving by itself when flipping the switch. First time ever for that also. If I moved one of the arms at the blade a bit, it would start moving.

                    First thing I did was check the brushes. They were fine.

                    The on/off switch and speed control are right on top, so thought maybe the speed control potentiometer had gone bad. Went to Radio Shack and got the same value, replaced it. Not fixed, but only out $3. Took the switch apart and it was very clean inside, checked with meter and it was fine. Reassembled everything and no luck.

                    It got late and I just stepped away from it.

                    Today is some surgery to check out the circuit card and motor.
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