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    and it worked!
    I attached the blower tube to the rocker arm and it's always in the right spot and out of the way. It works good even at the slowest saw speed cutting metal with heavy dust and chips.
    May the wind at you back .....
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    Sometimes the simplest solutions are best but hard to think of.

    I'm going to try the same tomorrow. I hate moving it all the time as I change holes.


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      Good ole' zippy ties...
      Smart stuff there Rob...
      Never really had a problem, but if i need to...Thanks for thinkin' this up...

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        Hey Rob - looks like someone stirred up your grey matter whilst you were interned.
        Neat idea!
        Jim in Mexico

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          Rob that's a good idea and I'm genna give it a go when I can get back in the shop.

          I wonder why no one makes them like that.
          Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.


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            Neat idea. I have to see if I can do that with the Delta. The Hawk doesn't seem to have a problem staying in place.

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              Rolf, smaller bowl-cutting angles, 30˚ or less, usually don't present a problem either with vibration or for cutting into the table. It's when you get into the 40˚ and 45˚ range that things get dicey for both. (The Seyco saw doesn't even cut bevels greater than 35˚ or so!) If you add even a slight...
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              I've done some bevel cutting on my EX-21 as well and also have not experienced any added vibration, nor have I cut into the table. Perhaps I haven't cut at a steep enough angle, but the existing blade hole has been sufficient. I do despise the useless vacuum holes, but I've learned to live with them...
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              Carole Your hole size was a concern when I purchased the Pegas Replacement Table for my EX21, because I had cut into the side of hole on the original table, The damage I did to the old table was due to the blade adjustments were not in the center of blade holders. So far that has not been an issue...
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              That is an interesting point Carole. I have done some bevel cutting on the EX and can't say that I have experienced an increase in vibration or any problems with following the lines. I know when I cut one of your bowl designs on my Hawk I really had to concentrate on not pushing down hill....
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              Reply to EX dust collection holes screwed up a project.!
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              Just a word of caution about the size of the blade hole. When I used a DeWalt years ago in the infamous community woodshop, and also with my more recent experiences with the Jet, if you do much bevel cutting at a steep angle, you will cut into the table. That's why inserts have the slot that can be...
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