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Temporary bonding while contouring intarsia pieces.

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  • Temporary bonding while contouring intarsia pieces.

    This is a tip I picked up at the open house from Kathy Wise.

    Many times it is beneficial to contour more than one piece at a time to make sure that the pieces flow correctly. Her tip was to use Super T glue and NCF Mild accelerator.

    Just a couple of drops of the glue and a spray of the accelerator will bond two pieces in just a couple of seconds. The bond is pretty strong. When done contouring, a sharp flat rap of the two pieces on a hard surface will break the bond and there is usually no glue residue. If there is, the company also sells a solvent.

    Again, this is her method and her results are awfully good.

    -Just do'in the best I can every day

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    That sounds good. I may try it, but I am happy with the method I do use now. I am not in the same league as Kathy Wise, but I put pieces together with a hot glue gun, for shaping and for when I glue the sections to the base board. If it needs to be taken apart, just heat it up with a hair dryer.
    Chuck D

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    Jean De La Bruyere...

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      I'm with Chuck on this one. The hot glue is easy to use, holds well and is easy to remove. I also use it for stack cutting. My segmentation work is assembled with hot glue and I have only had one of them come apart. That one was damaged in shipping and I think it would have broken even if I had used Gorilla Glue!!! Had I packed it better prior to shipping there would have been no problem.
      If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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        I also agree with Chuck. Some of the pieces I cut are way to fragile to rap on a table, they would break...actually quite a lot of the pieces I do would break. Sometimes I have issues with breakage while hand sanding, especially with woods like sumac that are very fragile. The hot glue separates very easily and any residue scrapes off pretty fast.
        Jeff Powell


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          Being a newbie to the wonderful world of intarsia _ I am doing my third piece now and loving it.. I didn't know to bond the pieces togerther -- well I did use rubber bands to help hold them but I never knew tto even think about bonding. I thank you for the advice and I will continue to intarsiaerate with hot glue- since I have tons of it left over from a hundred years ago just taking up space.
          I must admit this intarsia is more aditcting than victorian freetwork-- I LOVE It !!!
          I think I need spelling lessons for Christmas-lol


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  's delightful to hear that you're having fun with Intarsia and I was thrilled to learn that you did the backpack !! I recently discovered Demco white glue and love it! Otherwise I tend to stick with yellow carpenter's glue both to glue the pieces together and then to glue the entire piece to a backer board. Many folks stop after gluing the pieces together and don't do the backer..all part of personal preferences and choices..

            I clamp and don't touch for at least 24 hours..probably doesn't need that long to dry..

            I hope you get lots of comments on this thread because there's sure to be a variety of techniques, tips, and hints ..

            have fun!

            Sue Chrestensen


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              Thanks Sue-- for the comments and the pattern of the backpack and just doing the right pattern to get me to even dream of attempting intarsia.I have always thought intarsia was so beautiful but I would never dare attempt it without your back pack yelling at me --" Make this for Carleigh for Christmas " -I am tickled I did and I have a new blooming love in my life..I did a long stem rose in walnut for my mom to give her as a present-- But I found out black roses are a sign of a death wish so I will keep that beautiful rose for myself- My mom is nuts over walnut and I just never dreamed of wishing her ill--so soon she will be getting a bright pretty yellow rose -but I have just finished a darling Teddy Bear for a lady for her handicaped daughter- she is 45 going on 12 and we just found out she did ask Santa for a teddy- I am so thrilled with the way he turned out- A couple were here last night and want one for their baby- but I have no idea what to charge-- is it legal to charge for having so much fun?? the bear is adorable yet simple teddy type with a scarf and a toboggan-- I did find a lanscape pattern under stain glass I want to do as intarsia-- maybe after Christmas I can get started on that. only 2 more orders to go and I can scroll for me for a while- unless someone else orders one of my pieces.
              again thanks Sue for the "just right pattern " to introduce me to intarsia.


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