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  • top loading bottom loading blade tooth angle

    The discussions in the past have been to the preference to whether one likes to drop the blade down through the top of the pattern or insert it into the base of the wood drill hole in the bottom .

    I was using a # 3 blade and inserting it from the top with a bit of difficulty as th hole was also small .
    I noticed the teeth were grabbing the wood . So I did the reverse and inserted the blade from the bottom , what a difference .

    With a larger hole ,direction would not have made much of a difference .

    When stack cutting sometimes the only option is to remove the blade entirely and lower it down from the top due to lack of clearance between the wood and top blade holder.

    Just thought I'd throw that out consider in case blade tooth direction hadn't been mentioned in the past .


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    Good point especially if using a skip tooth blade or regular reverse tooth blade. That process will not work with the FD ultra reverse or any two way cut blades.
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      Scott, thanks for pointing that out.


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        The only problem you might encounter by having the teeth point up is that the piece might chatter and break fine bridges.

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