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    I was telling a friend about two products I've used for yrs with amazing sucess
    he was not famililar with ,and It occured to me ,many of you also have secret
    sucess stories with prods.and thier uses ,to share ,what a wealth of info.that would be to all of us !I have no interest or profit from any of these things I
    mention ,1st.[ PB BLASTER ].WD 40 can't come close .super penatrating lube
    amazing plus it rejuvinates O-rings 2nd.[ SEA FOAM ]carb cleaner gas additive
    super especially in small engines with hair fine ports ,saved me $240.00 carb
    the dealers rebuilt ,and said needed replaced because those hair line jets were plugged ,soaked complete carb.over nite blew it out ran like a new one that was
    2 yrs ago .thier avail any auto parts here even wally world .
    I do not impress easily ,these I keep on hand always.
    I look forward ,to your secret proven sucess's.
    Thanks !
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    My time proven product is various sizes of hammer, the bigger the problem the bigger the hammer lol
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      Hi Carl - coffee works well for me. Can't start the day in the shop without a big mug to set me up and the grounds have got me out of a fix a couple of times when I've needed to touch up a knock on a stained item. For tools though I'd be lost without a decent universal or combination square - the sort generally used by engineers which include a level and scribing pin as part of the deal. At the last count I have three in the shop so I can always lay my hands on at least one when the other two go missing after I've absentmindedly put them down somewhere - which I often do!

      Just had a rethink and one item which I've used a lot in the past and need to use a heck of a lot now as the years clock up is a good small magnifying lens! Without this I have no idea which way the finer reverse tooth blades are pointing!!!!
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      Jim in Mexico

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        Beer and blue painters tape, not in that order nor at the same time...


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          A Leatherman multitool has saved my bacon more than once.


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            I remember Russel well. I think he went back to the days of Free4all.

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            Thanks Melanie. You are always on top of things....
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            Denny, you are correct, his name is Russell. While he may not have been here in years, he pops in at the Village forum from time to time. I just checked and he hasn’t been there since July. I would suggest that you send him a PM perhaps through the Village and see if you get a response.
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            I think his name is Russel. I checked and he was last on the forum in 2014. I had a request for one of his patterns. Fortunately I still had a copy. Anyone heard from him?
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