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  • Snowflake patterns

    Prior to last Christmas I decided to decorate my own tree and I decided on snowflakes. I found some patterns in books and then I stumbled onto Dave had posted the patterns on the site in memory of his mother who made it a family tradition to creat new patterns. He now sells them on a cd with 336 patterns. I filled my tree with many patterns and named it "My Swedish Tree." Daves site is I cut four out at one time by stacking them. I hung them with fishing line. All my ornaments were cut out of 1/4" and they lightly stacked in a small box after the season. The ornaments also do not put excessive weight on the branches. The patterns can also be cut out of paper so those of you that have children in earlier grades might want to share some with the teachers. I finished them by dipping them in mineral oil. A friend of mine dips his wood vehicles in a tank of mineral oil and then puts them sit on mesh over the tank. Its inexpensive and seals very well

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    Hey all,

    I know it's spam, (1st post and an add. -duh Marcel, not too hard to figure out!)

    but the subject is appropriate to the forum and it may interrest some folks on this site.

    That's why I didn't delete it.

    DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

    NOTE: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


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      snowflake designs

      You can also find great woodworking snowflake designs free at and some fun movie star patterns at


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        Originally posted by pkelley
        You can also find great woodworking snowflake designs free at and some fun movie star patterns at

        Thanks for the URL's. I look something like that up last year and got some great patterns for scrolling... and they are FREE!


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          Thought I'd bump this as it looks like some good holiday info... funny how tagging the poster as a spammer seemed to pan out, sad but it happens.

          The patrio flakes might be adapted well to the ornaments for troops drive, as well A+ PatrioFlakes | Patriotic Images for Children


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            Keep at it Kelly,
            You are turning up some long lost / forgotten gems
            "The Golden Mile"John Wayne
            Some of my Stuff
            Retired Medically Unfit Police Officers ***.


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              The holiday issue has some great snowflakes! I made up the three small ones....very delicate I might add. I did use baltic birch 1/8th thick, and parts of the tiny ends came off, but I shall persevere and make more. I have now blown the small patterns up to 200% and now have lovely LARGER snowflakes! Easier to cut too! LOL


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