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Adding spots to a project....

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  • Adding spots to a project....

    this is a tip that come with the steelhead trout pattern that I did..
    this was too cool and it added a great touch..

    #1..using a small bur bit on a Dremel tool, bore a random pattern of shallow holes about 1/16 deep...

    #2..for black spots, mix sawdust with ebony stain and let "DRY".
    then mix the dark sawdust to a small amount of 60 minute epoxy...

    #3..use a toothpick to fill in the holes and then allow the epoxy to cure over night..

    #4..sand smooth and then finish..

    I wish I had been more familiar with the process at the time because my spots needed to be a little bigger..

    BTW..this peice was sent up north to a buddy of mine that I steelhead fish with..

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    Great tip! And great fish! And also, your a great fishing buddy!!! Hes caught a good one! dale
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      I'll certainly try to remember that! Thanks for telling us about it.

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        This is the core of the forum, the sharing of information.
        I would love to see a separate section like this that we can add too.
        The pictures are great, it would be like a reference library.

        I am sure we all have a little tip or technique that is just a little different than what has been shown before.
        It would be a perfect starting point for a new FOX CHAPEL refernce book
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          Hey Trout--I agree with the others. Great idea and thanks for the tip. It would be an excellent idea for an archive or perhaps just a category on the form called "tips" or something.
          Old Mooner


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            Yes so many good tips come through this forum. It could be a good source of information for Bob for the magazine as there are probably many readers who don't / can't access this forum.
            Cheers. Teresa .


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              Trout for sure, thats a great tip. wish i would have thought of that. ok now what about the scales. do you have a tip on that one. it would be fun to feal the project. not wood burning though. something like.mmmmmmmmmmm wish i had a idea. I know trout don't have scalles. not that you would take off anyway. haha. but i still would like to know on some others like tulapia. like i can spell that. ha. your friend Evie


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                Hay trout. i had another idea. have you thought about puting some stain on the tooth picks. and after inserting them sprits it with some water or oil . just to let alittle color come out. before sanding. mmmm. just a thought. yoru friend Evie


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                  I'll start a new forum for these tips and see if I can't get the Mods to move them there as they comb through the threads <grin>

                  BTW, feel free to send tips like this to me at [email protected]

                  We've got an info exchange in the magazine and the best tip wins a $25 Fox Chapel Gift Certificate!



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                    Black spots

                    If you have a woodburner another way to do it would be to use a ball tip on a woodburner to burn the black spots. The tips come in 5 sizes and the spots would be more uniform...if that's important. It might save some time and is fun to do.

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                      I like that idea...and the trout looks cool too. I would have cut out every dang spot on the fish and inlaid wood into it, but now you have me thinking.
                      Jeff Powell


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