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  • Christmas Eve

    Good morning and Merry Christmas to all. We had our yearly Christmas eve party last night. My wife put on a great feast. We had 22 friends and family in last night. As they left we gave them a small gift, for the lady's The gift was a Steve Good pattern that I reduced in size , and the men recived some of my wife's home made pecan turtles. saw dust
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    Very nice work. I like the way you painted the trees& the idea of the snow.
    Thanks for sharing now I know how to paint the ones that I made
    MErry Christmas and avery Scrolling New Year.


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      Great idea and very well executed. Sounds like everyone had a good time.

      I felt like I was cooking for 22 yesterday and it was only 8--but lots of leftovers, so I won't even pick up a knife today, except to butter a roll or toast.
      When looking at the clock at work--the correct time is:
      Too early to leave, too late to call in.


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        Nice gifts saw dust.
        SSG US Army Retired.
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        • will8989
          Reply to Bruce, the one on probation
          by will8989
          Regulations are 150 square feet, this will be 144 square feet so we are good. He’s making it that size Since the sheets are 4’ wide. And the Shelves need to be 4” above my head!! It will be very specific.
          Today, 10:32 AM
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          Reply to Shrink wrap systems
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          As a framer, we have a shrinker wrapper at ArtCrafters. Very simple. Film on a roller, sealer attached, just roll off enough film, seal the film, insert object, seal other end and shrink with a heat gum. We also use Uline as a source. Not sure where our unit can from as it was with the shop when...
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        • NC Scroller
          Reply to Bruce, the one on probation
          by NC Scroller
          I would make the shed 1" less than the size permits are required for. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH SPACE....
          Today, 07:42 AM
        • NC Scroller
          Reply to Shrink wrap systems
          by NC Scroller
          I shrink wrap all my puzzles. It is the best method I have found. I do not use a cardboard backer as some do. I use shrink wrap bags that I get from Amazon or Ebay. 8" x 12" will fit 95% of the puzzles I make.

          To use the bags you will need a sealer. I have one very similar...
          Today, 07:39 AM
        • Linda In Phoenix
          Reply to Shrink wrap systems
          by Linda In Phoenix
          I checked out We used them years ago at the company I used to work at, and they were really reputable to work with. They have machines, guns, bags, and film. I just don't really know what works best, as well as if there is a really great priced to buy from. To date I've been a frugal...
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