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Fretwork and Intricate Scrolling

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  • Fretwork and Intricate Scrolling

    Everytime I try to cut intricate patterns with the scroll saw I get breakage of the wood that is not suppose to come out! What am I doing wrong??? I have a Hegner Multimax 18.

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    Re: Fretwork and Intricate Scrolling

    Don't know but could be -
    * Using too aggressive a blade for the thickness & type of wood. You should have 3 to 4 teeth in the wood at all times.
    * Putting sideways pressure on the wood instead of straight into the blade
    * Trying to cut faster than the blade is capable of
    * The wrong kind of wood ... A soft grainy wood won't hold the detail that a hard tightly grained wood will.

    hope that helps


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      Re: Fretwork and Intricate Scrolling

      Not positioning the grain in the right direction could be the problem also.


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