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Pegas Scroll Saw speed changes randomly

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  • Pegas Scroll Saw speed changes randomly

    First time posting.
    I have a Pegas Scroll Saw that is almost 2 years old.
    I saw about 1-2 hours a night right now and the speed will slow down and speed up on its own.
    Sometimes it will run full speed for a week and then switch to slow for a week.
    Any ideas on what might be causing this.
    Right now it is stuck on slow.
    I tried blowing air under the speed dial but that didn't change anything.

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    Welcome. Could be a number of things. I would call Denny at Art Crafters of Dayton or Ray at Seyco. Both numbers can be found on the internet.
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      Have you had big temperature swings in the shop? My first thought is something binding. I fix all of my own stuff and don't hesitate to take things apart to try and isolate where the issue is.
      That said at only two years old I would contact Denny and see if he can direct you to a Pegas tech center. I don't think Ray at Seyco deals with Pegas.

      Trouble shooting any machine problem is difficult remotely. And the Pegas is relatively new on the market so I don't know how much of a problem database exists.

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        I'm kind of surprised Denny has not responded to this yet, but I haven't seen any posts from him for a few days either hope he is okay.

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          There are two possibilities, the motor or circuit board. Most likely the circuit board. I would be happy to help, but you should work through the people you purchased it from. You mentioned two years, so parts may be under warrantee.
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            My Excalibur started doing that. Husband and I took apart arm and blew out the dust, Working fine now,
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