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  • Looking for New Scroll Saw

    I ma looking for a new scroll saw but find conflicting reviews on the same model from different sources. I cam only afford to spend no more than $250.00. I would like advice on a good, with accuracy, and easy to use scroll saw.

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    At $250, I would suggest looking in the used market. Facebook Marketplace, Craig's List or Ebay. I learned to scroll on a WEN and have been using it for almost 2-years. It has served me well and I've cut some really nice pieces with this saw, however there are some common issues you will have to deal with. I have the WEN 3922 which uses the fixed blade clamping system whereas the other two similarly priced saws use clamps that you have to attach the blade and then attach the clamp to the saw. Very tedious and creates limitations. The clamps on my saw will wear out and you'll have to replace them but you don't have to fiddle with trying to clamp the blade and then hook the clamp onto the saw. I usually purchased extra clamps by half dozen from WEN. They cost about $5 apiece. Also, the small bellows used to blow the dust off your work piece will wear out. I purchased an aquarium air pump which remedied that problem completely. Overall it is a relatively good saw for the price. I believe it is showing on the WEN website for around $114.00 right now. WEN also makes a new model LL2156, which came out after I had already purchased the 3922 or I would have purchased that one. It has a deeper throat and the setup is more like an Excalibur style saw. The cost is a little more than what you want to pay but you get what you pay for. I did see a Delta in my local Lowe's on special for $112.00. The Delta usually runs $400 to $500. This was a special "Year End" sale price so you would have to check you local Lowes if you have one nearby. When you start getting into your more quality saws you are looking at names like Seyco and Pegus. These saws start just under a grand and go up depending on the size/accessories. I've ordered the new Pegas 30-inch but it isn't due to arrive until March. From what I've been told, everyone that has tried the Pegas after using another brand say the difference is like night and day.

    If you decide to seek the Pegas, check with Denny at who is a member of this and several other forums. He will give you a great, honest deal and his customer service is unmatched. He also carries blades and other scroll saw accessories which are very reasonably priced. He has a customer loyalty program where he will send you extra blades after spending a certain amount of money. You can use him even if you don't purchase a Pegas saw.

    Good luck on your search. I'm sure others will chime in on this topic as there are a lot more knowledgeable members on this form than I. This is just my 2-cents.


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      PORTER-CABLE 18-in 1.6-Amp Variable Speed Scroll Saw $269 New, you can find it used for about $150 to $200



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        Welcome to the forum. This question is asked very often anywhere scrollers gather (forums, clubs,Facebook,etc). Buy the best you can afford. Most people start out with low end machines and quickly out grow them or give up because their machine just does not allow them do what they want. Right now WEN is probably the best in the low end market. Stay away from any saw that does not use pinless blades. As been suggested look for a gently used used saw in places like Craigslist and Facebook Market Place. Used saws typically sell for 50-60% of new. If you find a used saw come back and tell us and we can try to advise you on what to pay. If you find a used saw test it before you buy. Look for knocking, excessive vibration, air flow from the bellows and blade slippage in the clamps. Once you buy a saw only use quality blades. My preference, in order are Pegas, Flying Dutchman and Olson. Blades can seldom be sourced locally so are usually bought on the internet from places like Art Crafters (Pegas) or Wooden Teddy Bear ( Flying Dutchman).

        Good luck and enjoy the ride.
        Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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