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Winfield/Cherry Tree/Scroller Ltd Question

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  • Winfield/Cherry Tree/Scroller Ltd Question

    Help! Did I miss something? So I don't need to buy patterns as I have more than enough to make. But, my club (Woodworkers of CNY) is having a scrolling SIG meeting this Wednesday evening. One of our members is talking about compound cut flowers. I went looking for the old flower patterns of Diana Thompson (which I already have) in order to direct our members appropriately since I legally can't give them the pattern. In the process I ran into issues with the Winfield/Cherry Tree website. All the images are broken when the site finally responds. Other sites work fine so I know it is an issue there. Then, I said, let's look at the Scroller Ltd website. Well that one takes me to Winfield and again chugs and gives me similar problems. I guess the question any of you who know ... what the heck is going on? Did Winfield/Cherry Tree buy Scroller also? Then of course, what is wrong with the main site? Maybe I should have noticed before that the only catalog that seems to come is from Wooden Teddy Bear but I swear I saw a Scroller Ltd catalog within the past couple of months. BTW, after an unusual amount of time, the webpage did finally load but there are still many graphic errors.
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    I just went to the Cherry Tree site. It worked for me.
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      As far as I know, Winfield has always owned Scroller Ltd. When I was working in Detroit 22 years ago, I used to visit their store in Flint. Their physical address for both sites is the same. Cherry Tree Toys, on the other hand, is in Beloit, WI. I don't think they are owned by Winfield, although they seem to sell some Winfield patterns. I may be wrong about the ownership, but I don't think so. That being said, there is something definitely wrong with the Cherry Tree site. When you go to subsequent pages of patterns, for instance, it jumps to page 3 or comes back to a different page. The paging on their web site is definitely messed up. Winfield and Scroller don't seem to have the same problem. I think that's because they don't break their display of a large number of products into pages.


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