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  • Sorting and culling

    Heavy thunderstorms here today, so I decided to go through my Christmas patterns and "organize" and get rid of the wishful thinking patterns I have collected.

    Cold drink, three hole punch and a folder full of potential sawdust makers.

    I discovered I have a really bad addiction to:
    1. Someday patterns that I knew when I bought/printed them, there was a 50% chance of ever seeing a blade.

    2. The photocopy machine. When I was still working, I would scan pattern to a flash drive and then make copies as needed. But i would make numerous copies--just in case.

    So, after punching many patterns and putting more in sheet protectors, I have vowed to not hoard patterns. I figure this will last until the next issue comes out or Steve Good publishes his next newsletter.

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    Too early to leave, too late to call in.

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    Know what you mean.I have binders full! I cleaned out most of the “someday” patterns. Operative word “most”.

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      I too have patterns of "good intentions". Impulse loves I just knew I would make. It's amazing how they add up so quickly!
      Linda at


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        I too am very guilty of this. All my patterns are separated into categories and then placed in file folders, and I keep all of them in a 3-drawer filing cabinet. I was going thru them last night for a particular pattern and seemed like all I was saying to myself was "Oh yeah, I was going to do this one or that one. If I were to take them out and lay them on my work bench as a to do pile, I don't think there would be room for me to do any work.

        And yet there are times when I can't find a pattern. I've been selling some of my stuff down at a convenance store here in town. They've allowed me a corner of the counter to place items. Someone was in the other day, bought two of the welcome signs and then wanted another of the signs plus one that had a baseball theme. Now back in the day when I worked at the print shop this probably wouldn't have been an issue. But this time around it too a little longer to come up with something and then be able to print it out. But the lady was happy with what I did and instantly ordered 3 more of the same welcome sign,

        Dan A


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