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  • Gift card holders

    I am looking for the pattern of the gift card holders that everyone is talking about making, going to be giving out a lot of gift cards this year, thx RJ
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    You could check Steve Good website, he has some


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      I will second the card holder from Steve

      The only thing I did different is that I used 3 pieces of 1/8 strips for the middle.

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        Thx for the quick response, that’s what I was looking for, so Don you didn’t cut the middle as one piece, but just cut the strips and qlued in, correct? Thx RJ
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          I leave the back solid, and also use the 3 strips.

          Once you have the basic pattern, you can replace the cut-out with anything you can cut. I have over 100 designs.


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            Hubby preps all wood to 1/8”. I stack cut 6 at a time. I use 2 cut outs for each holder and tell people they can use as an ornament. Hubby gives me stacks of blanks with cuts on the sides so all I have to do is cut across the bottom and remove the wood so I have a rim. I also stack cut them. So far this year I have sold 300 and counting. I have a love/hate feeling of these cardholders.
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              I d one large craft show every year and these are my best sellers. Like several others I use strips of 1/8" for my inner layer. I even made me a jig so I can cut those strips to consistent sizes. Instead of adding a design to the front, the back has no design, I put a letter. My experince is people buy one for each of the people on their list. What I use for my letters is from this website. The size I like is 225 and the font is called LobseterTwo.

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              card holder.jpg card holder jig.jpg
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                Thx for all the information on the card holders, will get making some after thanksgiving for Christmas, we are doing gift cards this year, much easier, thx RJ
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