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    Two plaques attached. The yellow softball was made for my DIL's sister when she was a senior in high school. Unfortunately, she died at a very young age in a car wreck, but left behind a son who is now a very busy 8 year old.
    His grandfather asked me to cut this since the son wears the same number his mom wore all through her playing time.
    I will give it to the boy in the next day or two.
    His school colors are RWB for "The Patriots".
    These are both 16" diameter.
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    Very well done, Jim. A special tribute.
    ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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      I got chills reading that. A treasure for a lifetime.

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        Very nice tribute. Thanks for sharing.
        "Time to Give Back"


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          A gift to be cherished, and a reminder that life goes on despite a tragic loss. How lucky the little boy is to have such caring people in his life.

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            Rodney you and your wife make a great team! Very nicely done sir.
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