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Convert black line to RED stroke in Inkscape

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  • Convert black line to RED stroke in Inkscape

    Hi everyone, I purchased the Sue Mey "Modern Style" Nativity set and I am experiencing some difficulty following the black lines, can some one guide me thru the process of changing the black lines to red ones. I was due to have my first cataract removed on Dec. 3, but thanks to the craziness going on right now, our local hospitals have canceled all elective surgery, I have to admit that I didn't expect this to be elective, but...

    Anyway, I was able to load inkscape on my Apple Mac and I imported the the patterns that I purchased from Sue, but I can't change the stroke from black to red. I saved the file pattern as a PDF, but that did'nt help me. I have said this to you folks before, after I press the power on button on the computer, my confidence level takes a dive and all the uTube video's in the world do not seem to help. Thanks in advance if anyonr is brave enough to try to lead me through my dilemma.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all, including our Canadian friends. We hope to take some time this year especially, to consider what we are THANKFUL for.
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      I just tried a couple of patterns that I purchased from Sue.

      1. Open the PDF page in Inkscape
      2. Select picture and ungroup.
      3. Trace Bitmap (under Path tool)
      4. Select he image and delete.
      5. Select the Path and set stroke to red. Note, You will have both a stoke and fill. Depending on the exact colour you want you may want to delete the fill.

      If you have any other questions please post.

      I hope Sue does all her patterns the same.

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