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  • Some of My Latest Projects

    I apologize for the double post for those of you who visit the Village, as I posted this there and at the Cafe. However, I know many here do not visit other sites. As a result, I wanted to share here so that you guys knew that I did in fact use my saw and didn't just visit the sites.

    This first one is a JGR pattern. You can get it on her website, but it was also in the Summer 2018 edition of the Magazine. I used blue pine, aspen and walnut as I recall.

    The next photos are of cell phone holders. The patterns came from scrollers online.

    The next photos are of an oval box I made completely with my scrollsaw. Pattern came from the Woodworkers Journal (2014). I had a lot of poplar wood on hand and used it. Only AFTER i had done that did I discover that poplar does not take stain very well. I did use a sanding sealer first, then there were about 4 coats on it I think. It turned out okay but I probably won't use poplar for a box again that I want to stain. Still deciding on handle and whether I am flocking

    Then the last two photos are of bandsaw boxes I have been working on recently. Patterns are from the book "The New Bandsaw Box Book" by David Picciuto.

    Thanks for looking.

    Melanie from East TN

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    Very well done, Melanie. Looks like you are sure having fun.
    ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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      You certainly have been busy. Your work is beautiful. I use lots of poplar, mostly because Bruce gets it for free from the sawmill he volunteers at, and I have found that it is mostly good for painting, which as we all know I don't do too much of. I do use it for puzzles for kids and when I dip it, it changes color rather dark. I tell the customers buying the puzzles the kids can have a great time painting the pieces. I also use it in my sealife puzzles but don't finish it as I want the green or purple color, not a ucky color after dipping! LOL

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        Some really nice work Maelanie ! I do visit the SSV not familiar with the Cafe.
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          Nice work!

          I like your JGR Project
          aka Fibber
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            Thank you everyone for the nice comments and taking the time to look and post one. I had the poplar because I have used it like Betty, I use it to make the animal puzzles and simply dip them in a finish. I agree that it tends to "darken" up a tad when doing that.

            Rolf, the scroller's cafe is another forum that I found via some others referencing it at different times probably over in the Village. Like this and the Village, a great bunch of scrollers. A smaller group of folks like this one. Usually the references were to some cute patterns being shared over there. Many made by Gayle. So one day I decided I had to go and take a look. Some of the people there are also in the Village.

            For those interested in looking around in the Cafe - you can find it here: https://thescrollerscafe.discussion....ity/categories
            Melanie from East TN


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              Really Nice! You've been a busy lady. I really like those bandsaw boxes.

              My Son-in-law said "Darnit, I cut this board twice, now. And it's still too short."


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                You have been busy, or stockpiling to show us all at once. I get busy and forget to post a lot. But I check out the forum several times a week. Your pieces are absolutely beautiful. And that dimpling on the moon really worked magic. Very nice job on everything!
                Linda at


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                  Very nice work Melanie. You are a busy bee aren't you?


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