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  • Holiday Work I did

    This is a duplicate post to that I put in the Village. I know some of you visit both places but some of you don't. Didn't want anyone to think I never do work on my saw!

    Here are some of the projects I worked on last month. Of course, I didn't get near the items done that I intended to. I think I need to start my Christmas projects NOW so I might get them done for Christmas this year. But its so hard to work on Christmas in January and I am if nothing else, a poor procrastinator! These have been added to my Album as well.

    The flat hot air ballon ornament was a free pattern I decided and provided for the Village Christmas Ornaments for Charity E-Book. That E-Book can be found here: The Hot Air ballon file can be found in the 2018 files.

    The Power T and G Dawgs ornaments were ones I created for my personal use. I am a Univ. of TN grad and die hard Vol fan. My son will graduate from the Univ. of Georgia in May. Yes, he broke my heart with that choice. But, it could have been worse - at least he wasn't a Gator or a Tide fan! I cut these for him and myself. I have both for my tree. Maybe one day he will take a Power T and add to his on his tree.

    The 3-D hot air ballon ornament was cut as a "trial" piece to see how they worked. It was cut from Balsa wood. I think that it is too soft and have plans to cut more from better wood. Need to get on it! The pattern for it was purchased from - pattern #8650SC. My original intent was to cut and give one to my cousin's daughter who got engaged last year on a hot air ballon ride! Didn't get that one done yet but I will.

    The Joy to the World word art is from the Holiday Scroll Sawing & Pattern Collection from Fall 2017. It was received free with my renewal of my subscription. The pattern its self is by John Nelson. I cut it the same size as from the pattern in the booklet, but I modified it to extend the W to the same length of the R and L and cut it from 3/4" wood so that it would be free standing. Lettering is definitely my nemesis so don't look to closely or be to critical of my skills. I know I need to work on it. It can also be purchased on its own from Amazon here:

    The 3-D standing Snowman Candy Cane holder was a pattern I just thought was too cute. It was purchased from the Winfield Collection. Pattern #CS4052. I cut it all on my scroll saw except the arms and the legs and the "knots" for the knees. Those are purchased dowels and balls that I drilled the holes through for the dowels. I hand painted with acrylic paints. I followed their coloring layout because I liked it but if I make more, I will mix it up and paint in different colors and patterns. I kept this one for myself, but I had hope to make a couple more for Christmas gifts. Didn't happen (yet). You can find that pattern here:

    The Christmas Card Holder was an original fretwork pattern that I found in the ScrollSaw Woodworking & Crafts magazine Holiday 2008 edition. I am not a big fan of CUTTING detailed fretwork generally so I took the pattern into my computer software, modified it in a couple of ways - mainly removing all the fretwork and cut it out on my scroll saw. I then downloaded the free snowman pyrography pattern from Lora S. Irish's website and burned it on the card holder side and then colored it with my colored pencils. You can find the free pattern for the snowmen on Lora's site here: This was what I was burning when I put a blister on my finger. Lesson learned - take breaks when burning! 

    Melanie from East TN

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    Wow Melanie, those look great, but I don't see any intarsia pieces.
    ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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      Thanks for sharing your work with us. I really like the 3D Balloon.
      aka Fibber
      Producer of fancy firewood​


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        Thanks Denny and Fibber. Denny - you are right - no intarsia pieces shown. I actually have the Giraffe Momma and her baby and Willie Nelson both from advanced classes that I took with JGR last year that I need to finish up. Something else always seems to get in my way though. Anyone who has taken one of Judy's classes knows that you spend 3 solid days just shaping in the intermediate and advanced classes and you are still not done when you leave. I think both times, i had something major right after the class so I was "away" from them right after and then just didn't get back to them yet. I know in The giraffes were in May and that weekend was my daughter's college graduation and then she went straight to Grad school at Emory within 2 weeks so I had to help with getting her moved. Then in Oct., I think we left to go out of town right after. I hope to get back to them soon though. The problem is that I found this site, the Village, and the magazine and you guys and gals got me interested in doing other things besides just Intarsia.

        Fibber, they have the ornament size 3D ballon and then they have a larger one. I still hope to cut out of the larger ones soon. There are several different "designs" in the pattern that you get.

        I just need to find more "time". It would help if my golden retriever liked to go out to the shop with me but she doesn't!
        Melanie from East TN


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          Melanie - you're having way too much fun with this. Keep it up - you're doing just fine.

          My Son-in-law said "Darnit, I cut this board twice, now. And it's still too short."


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            Well, Melanie, I have projects I didn’t finish either. There’s not much to do here in January and February so I am going finish up my projects and get a head start on other Christmas items. That’s the plan anyway.

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              Melanie you are doing an amazing job. Keep it up. Don't feel bad about the unfinished intarsia. TBT I still have to finish the elephant I started in the Fall 2017 intermediate class. Life and stuff gets in the way.
              Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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                That is some really nice work! my favorite is Joy to the world and the 3d balloon. The colored wood burning also really pops.
                Time is also my most precious commodity, especially when you have multiple hobbies.
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                  Thank you Tony, Betty, Scott and Rolf for your kind words. I appreciate them and the encouragement that I have always gotten here and in the Village. You all just keep giving me ideas of new things to try. Scott, get on that elephant and I will try to get on mine and we can try to get them done this year sometime. Betty, while you may have projects you didn't finish - you did huge amounts that you sold. I am always inspired by seeing your projects. They also have the 3-D ballon in larger pattern that I have, and both come with a variety of designs for the ballon. Hope to try some of those soon too. You are right Tony, I do have fun when i create these - I just need to remind myself of that more often and make more time to get out into the shop more often then I do. Rolf is right, I have multiple hobbies, two children in college and grad school now, and a dog. Plus, I admit to being a big football fan some of my time recently was spent watching college and NFL football. Good news/Bad news is that is drawing to a close in a couple of week.
                  Melanie from East TN


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                    Regarding the (UFO's unfinished objects), It is great to hear that I am not alone. I know I am in good company.
                    aka Fibber
                    Producer of fancy firewood​


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