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Very long scroll saw patterns

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  • Very long scroll saw patterns

    Hello, I am starting a winter scroll saw project and its been ten years since I last used my scroll saw. U tube has been helpful in bringing me up to date. We have a long, laminated beam loft in our hall. I wish to embellish this beam we see when we enter this hall. We are in the Rockies at 6,566 ft. in northern New Mexico. I have a plank 1 1/2" x 12" x 25-7" to mount on that laminated beam and I wish to create artwork appropriate to our area of the Southwest ( Roadrunner, Cacti, Mesa, Pueblo, Elk, rattlesnakes etc.) I now know about pin art and have also learned about banner paper for computer printouts. I will be using 3/16" Baltic birch scraps for the figures..Nobody in this whole area has a clue about any of this type of woodwork. I could use your recommendations for the best blades for cutting this plywood cleanly. I also want to create a full length scenic view which will include all the items I have mentioned before in a single piece of scrap 8 foot long birch plywood. Finding patterns for all the artwork I want is proving to be a challenge, and I have absolutely no clue whatsoever in how to locate or create that 8 foot long pattern. There maybe some very obvious answers to my challenges but I have no idea right now as to acquiring or creating really distinctive and unique patterns for the Southwest desert area. I was given a book on this very subject and quite simply I only really liked three of the patterns in that whole book.
    Thank you for your attention in this matter.
    Gene So

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    Welcome! I'm sure you will receiove some good advice from the members here. Cutting the long piece will make it nevessary to use a spiral blade. Good luck on the patterns.
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      For your long banner/paper requirements look into a place that uses a large format plotter. Before I retired I had access to our company's engineering plotter and could plot 4' wide by 6 foot long drawings. This particular plotter could go longer if needed because it used roll paper. The larger drawings were in AutoCAD format, but I've plotted PDF files on this plotter as well. I really miss access to that plotter now . I end up glueing lots of 8.5 x 11 paper to get my full size patterns. I'm thinking a FedEx/Kinko might have large format plotters.



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        " I have a plank 1 1/2" x 12" x 25-7"" why not cut things that can just be applied to the current beam.. Adding a large very thick piece of wood just does not picture well in my head,, maye take a picture with current beam and hold up this big piece to where you think you want it.,, might help picture what your looking for.
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          Welcome to the forum. Please go out to the WELCOME MEMBERS FORUM and tell us a little about your self.

          There is at least one book that contains nothing but Southwest patterns. See below. In addition I have seen patterns in some wildlife pattern books. If I read it correctly you want to decorate a beam in your house. What I would do is cut the individual pieces and glue them to the beam to make your long scene.

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            I would also make the larger piece smaller. You will need at least 10’ clearance on each side of the saw plus supports to hold up the wood using a spiral blade. Perhaps order the above book and look at the patterns and you might change your plans. I would cut the individual items in contrasting wood to the beam and place on the beam. However, this a project I would change my mind on 3 times before settling. Just think of all options. Good luck. And we like pictures. As Scott said, welcome and tell us about yourself. Why the 10 year absence.

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              well, I am learning about large format plotters. i assume there may be one about two hours away from me. Then Imust learn what to do with it.
              in my effort to help those who are willing to help me, I shall try to explain wat I am doing more precisely. The large hall is dark and the laminated beams make it darker. After I located this nearly 26 foot long plank I would mount it to the laminated beam and have it painted bright white. This would contrast highly with the background, and in and of itself provide a light background for the scroll saw images I would be attaching to it, via a t nailer. There would also be a spear with an 8" obsidian point and Indian arrowheads and a flint Knapped knife on that plank. The 8 foot long scenic scroll saw shape would be placed above the spear in the center of that plank. I know that allIwant to do, is "doable", but I just do not know how to do it!
              Gene So


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                After you get your pattern attach it how you prefer I use either clear contact paper then spray glue the pattern on or blue painters tape then apply the pattern. Drill any access holes that are needed. Get supports that can reach from one end of your 8 foot board to the other with your saw in the middle. Use spiral blades as an 8 foot board will never be able to turn under the arm of the saw. Cut your pattern and apply to the 26 foot board that you attached to the beams after applying whatever finish you choose. I assume that you do not want to make smaller pieces that can be assembled to form whatever pattern. Please note thak making smaller pieces will be much easier to do than working with that large of a piece. Please post pictures as this sounds like a very neat thing.
                Good Luck


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                  Are you wanting to cut figures into the 25' long board AND in the 8ft length of birch plywood? Or add cut out figures onto the 25ft board?

                  That wasn't clear to me.

                  One tip that I will add that has been mentioned - level support, support, support on both sides of the scroll saw. Add two or three layers of wax paper under the extended portions of the board. Very small amounts of friction at the extended ends of the board translate into distortion drag at the blade. - That might not be the proper terms but long boards add a tremendous amount of drag/friction that affect a good cut back on the part being cut.
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