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It's surprising what others think.

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  • It's surprising what others think.

    A couple months ago I had thickness planed some 3/4 pine from Lowe's to ~ 1/2". I was making a display for my grandson's Karate belts. There is usually some scrap left when the cutting is done. In this case only a piece about 3 x 5 of the said 1/2" pine. While the glue was curing on the main project, I marked it off in a grid and cut the scrap into puzzle pieces on the scroll saw. I just sprayed them with clear acrylic a couple times and set aside for later.
    The next time I took the afor mentioned grandson to his karate lesson, I took the puzzle to give the other folks something to play with. The instituter gave me permission to leave it in the viewing area.
    I am amazed at the people that thank me for that simple thing. I have since made another 3D puzzle that is a bit more difficult to assemble.
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    You did a good thing, and your "scrap" is very much appreciated. Sometimes it's the simple stuff in life that people appreciate most.
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