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Carole, here is your Dime . . . .

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  • Carole, here is your Dime . . . .

    I have a few first here as I've never cut a nickel nor a dime. Oily warned by off of Nickels a long time ago, so I've been avoiding them. Decided to try one today, and it is fitting because it was a warmup for the dime, which is the smallest coin I've ever cut. I know it's hard to get a feeling for scale from a picture, so I added a few interesting pics. As you can imagine, getting the holes right in the middle was the scariest part of the dime cut. Notice the #72 bit hits both sides. Drilling always makes me nervous, but this was tight. I also threw a FDUR #5 on top the dime to add some perspective.

    All in all, these were actually fun. Carole, still trying to figure out how to do the bowl, or if it is even possible :-)

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    Excellent work Randy. Those came out great. Thanks for sharing these with us.

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      WOW!!!! Randy roughly how long did the dime take you to cut?
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        That is totally amazing, not to mention beautiful! Also sounds like you're having fun!
        Wonder if there are any foreign coins smaller than a dime . . . .

        And BTW, you can use the Angle Calculator utility on Dave's site should you ever want to try out a bowl. Actually, a stacked ring basket, like Betty makes, might be fun, and those don't require sanding! I did some miniatures for a china cabinet box in my box book that would probably work with a large coin. Happy to share the patterns if you're curious.

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          Always in awe of what you cut Randy. Now going even smaller with a nickel and a dime, well I can't even imagine trying that. Thanks for sharing.
          Melanie from East TN


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            Now that is impressive.!
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              Originally posted by Rolf View Post
              Now that is impressive.!
              Took the words right out of my mouth!
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                I printed this pattern from your website the other day and one of the guys at work asked if I was going to get a tattoo (his side job). I told him I was thinking of cutting it into a trivet and then the next day this pops up, so I show him the finish cutting and his eyes almost "bugged out" when he saw the detail as he held a dime in his hands.
                When looking at the clock at work--the correct time is:
                Too early to leave, too late to call in.


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