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    Randy, One other question . Would it be ok to post what I posted here on Facebook from now on?
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      Originally posted by kerfline View Post
      Randy, One other question . Would it be ok to post what I posted here on Facebook from now on?
      You are always free to post to either or both places. Your stuff is both scroll sawing and coin cutting so it's relevant to this community of scrollers, and the community of coin cutters in the other.

      Anytime I do something cool or new, I keep posting it here because I want to encourage this specific flavor of scrolling to this community, and also because this is my scrolling family.

      What is interesting is that very few wood/scrollers try coin cutting, and very few coin cutters want to try the scroll saw. We are seeing a little uptake in the scrolling community towards coin cutting as the Atlanta Scrollers Group has several member doing this now, and Steve Good has featured it a few times now. That said, a very very small percentage of scrollers have attempted it.

      Of the close to 300 coin cutters in the coin cutting forum, very very few are willing to give up their $20 Jewelers saws to try a $600 scroll saw. Almost all the scroll saw cutters (the very very few) in that forum, began coin cutting with the scroll saw like yourself. Almost no one changes from the tool that they started with.

      The proof of the effectiveness of the scroll saw is that after you have spent a short while cutting coins on the scroll saw, you are already better than 95% of those that have been using the Jewelers saw.

      Coin cutting as a medium is fun, but a little limited. Using larger non-coin metal mediums opens up unimaginable opportunities. There is another scroller on Facebook that makes his own ornate hinges for his boxes. What a way to add a little magic to our more traditional wood projects. So, it's nice to know that the skills you are learning with coin cutting will be able to be leveraged beyond coin if you ever grow tired of that medium.
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        Originally posted by kerfline View Post
        Thanks Randy.. I was too in a hurry an should have soaked the coin in acetone longer and I broke the wood piece off. That other thing you mentioned when the pattern comes off spraying it with Hairspray an doing something else. I don't quite get that.

        To share the pattern that I made in CorelDraw.., Do I just have to convert it to PDF and then post it? Do I have to resize it at all?
        Thanks, Vinnie
        Sorry, I totally missed this question, for CorelDraw, crop you pattern to the edges on all sides, then scale the pattern to 100mm x 100mm then export that to PDF. What that does is than anyone can take you pattern then make it fit any coin by just printing to a percentage that matches the size of the coin in mm. For example, a Kennedy Half dollar is 30.6mm, so your user just has to print the pattern at 30.6 percent, and it will print to the correct size.

        At one time I sprayed the patterns with Hairspray to "Seal the Patterns", but I don't use that approach any more. After the pattern is glued on, and after you mark the holes with the spring punch, then seal the pattern with a thin coat of CA glue. This helps to keep the oil (used for drilling) from soaking through the pattern, making it hard to see clearly.
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