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    Just finished scolling the 'United We Stand' project in the spring 2002 issue of 'Scroll Saw Work Shop' magazine, and in trying to dress it up a little I've run into a problem. After many hours of scolling (I'm Slow!) I figured the project deserved better than colored construction paper to back it with, so I used sticky-back felt. The stiff backing cut really nice, but now I have a 3/32 gap between the front wood piece and the back wood piece. Don't think it gonna glue real well without it bowing in the middle. I'm afraid to use screws and take a change at splitting the scolled piece. Only thing I can think of off-hand is to using some type of clear caulk between the two pieces. I would apprecciate any ideals you find folks might have.

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    Re: Getting it All Together

    Try using 'tacky' craft glue, available in most craft stores. You can also try putting a veneer strip over the seam to cover it up.


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