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  • Counting to Ten

    There wasn't any message here, so I'll add one!
    Keep your fingers out of the sawblade or you will have trouble counting to ten.

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    Re: Counting to Ten

    You're exactly right about that,Rick.My grandpa was using an old Skilsaw way back years ago.Somehow he had to reach under the saw and move the saw guard by hand.It just so happened that the guard was stuck up out of the way already and it cut his fingers.It cut his left pinkie finger off at the first knuckle, his left ring finger off between the first and second knuckle, and his left middle finger off at the second knuckle.He could always add fractions good after this because his pinkie was 1/4,his ring finger was 1/2, his middle finger was 3/4,and his pointer was 1. After that he could only count to seven,without taking his shoes off.!!! Just a little humor!!!!Hope it doesn't upset anyone!!!!!


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      Re: Counting to Ten

      Fractions huh? :

      I can only count to 9-2/3, lost my left index finger at the first joint many years ago.

      I was carving in a seminar with a group of about 12 carvers when (after 3 days) one of them noticed I was missing a fingertip.
      Of coarse the question was 'how did you lose your fingertip'

      I brought the house down when I looked at my hand and said 'OH! NO!' and started looking under the table.

      The truth as I remember it:

      Do you remember about 30+ years ago they sold baby aligators at county fairs? If you do, you also remember that they could bite a pencil in half in the blink of an eye.

      Of coarse every teenager had to have one; and I was no exception. The result was I lost a fingertip.

      No, the aligator didn't bite it off, I cut it off while building him a cage.


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        Re: Counting to Ten

        Your grand dad and I had the same Skill Saw. Mine had the same blade guard problem only I got lucky and didn't get my hand in there. Cussed that thing to no end. Finally got tired of it and bought a new one (not Skil).


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          Re: Counting to Ten

          At a carving show last year, a man about my age was looking at my knives while his wife stood by waiting. I noticed he was missing the exact same piece of the same finger on the same hand as mine.

          I looked him in the eye like I was trying to figure something out; he said 'what?' Pausing for a second, then holding up my short finger, I said 'Brother?'

          He just smiled, but his wife couldn't stop laughing.


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