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  • compound scroll saw

    Has anyone tried the compound saw patterns? I purchased the book by Sam Keener and the instructions are brief and I can't get them to turn out? Any help? Thanks

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    Re: compound scroll saw

    Just exactly what seems to be going wrong? Pretty much, you cut one side, Tape the pieces back on then cut the other side. Only thing I can figure from what info you've given is that you aren't getting the pieces properly aligned.


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      Re: compound scroll saw

      The patterns are designed to be folded onto two sides of the wood. Make sure you are using the pattern correctly. It works best if you saw the thinner side of the pattern first, doing this in one continuous cut. Make sure you tape the wood together after you cut out this one side just the way it is, dont take anything apart. Now cut the wide side of the pattern, and after you are done, take the wood all apart and inside is the compound pattern come to life.
      Good Luck


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        Re: compound scroll saw

        One other thing - make sure the adjacent sides on you block of wood form a perfect 90 deg anble with one another or the side and top profile wont line up properly and you'll get a skewed cut


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          Re: compound scroll saw

          :-/Help! I'm also having a problem with Sam Keener 3-D patterns!! Other patterns have the 'fold' line on them. Mr. Keener's does not!? Do I need to make 2 copies of pattern Or just find the most likely place for the fold?? I would appreciate a clarified answer!? Thanks a bunch!!!


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            Re: compound scroll saw

            I just tried my first Keener compound pattern and it worked just great!! I did the sail boat/dolphin it is just the cutest thing. I can hardly wait to try more!!!!!


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              Re: compound scroll saw

              Idon't cut the first side all the way leave a bit then cut the other side come back .this holds it together better. :


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