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Here's Some Big Scrolling

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  • Here's Some Big Scrolling

    With a bandsaw;
    The main body and drawers were scrolled on the bandsaw and the drawer pulls were made with the scrollsaw.
    The bottom picture is the most realistic of the color of the black walnut

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    Re: Here's Some Big Scrolling

    great work bill some nice I hope to get there someday


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      Re: Here's Some Big Scrolling

      Fantastic work .If you have more of your projects,would love to see them.Mark


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        Re: Here's Some Big Scrolling

        Thanks Mark;
        If you click on my home page,

        You will find a link to some albums I have in webshots. I havn't added any in there for quite some time so it isn't up to date but it will give you a good cross reference of what I make.
        I only started scrollsawing for the first time about  4 years ago  but I'm starting to catch on how to do it ;-)


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          Re: Here's Some Big Scrolling

          Great work Bill, where did you get the pattern?


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            Re: Here's Some Big Scrolling

            Hi Oldtimer.
            Nice to see you here;
            I made that pattern myself. Just grabbed a piece of graph paper and started drawing.


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              Re: Here's Some Big Scrolling

              Great work as usual Bill.


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                Re: Here's Some Big Scrolling

                Great work: your talent for woodworking is outstanding. Bill, what did you do before retiring?
                Keep the good work. You are an inspiration to all.
                Dean :


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                  It's Bio Time

                  Thanks for the kind words. I have had quite a varied life. In 1958 when I got married I was a licensed TV and radio technician. I sold and serviced some of the first color TVs sold in Canada. That was before transistors (solid state) was heard of . It was all vacuum tubes back then.
                  Later , I had a full line music store with all the major lines of instruments and amplifiers etc and I lost most of it in a flood and  then the recession in the early 80's hit and that was the end of that. I never did fully recover from that. Then I worked in a furniture factory for some years . While all this was going on over the years , I would buy run down houses and re-model them extensively while living in them and then sell and find another fixer upper. My wife and I also raised four sons while this was all happening. I had never done any small woodworking before  I retired.
                  I have always been somewhat of a workaholic and now that I'm retired , I can't seem to slow down.
                  We've had our ups and downs in life like most people but we have no complaints. Life is good and it's  just what we make of it.
                  Now I like small woodworking, computing and fishing.

                  So that's my bio in a nutshell. How about the rest of you following with a bio of your past life before you got interested in scrollsawing and such.
                  I've seen woodworkers bios in other forums and they can be most interesting.


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