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    Not that your mind can wander while cutting, but I have a nagging question.
    Do you prefer to cut clockwise or counter clockwise? And if you have a preference, are you right or left handed? I am right handed and I prefer to cut counter clockwise. If I am the only one who thinks about this please tell me know so I start on my memorial.

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    I can cut quite comfortably either right handed.
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      I am ambidextrous but mostly use my right hand and i like to scroll clockwise.


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        Right-handed, clockwise. Unless I have to go counterclockwise.

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          I tend to like to go counter-clock wise. I am right handed.

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              I'm also right handed and almost always cut counter clockwise. I think it's probably due to compensating for the tendency of the blade to track to the right. I can cut either way but find it more natural if I move the wood in a counterclockwise direction....HHHMMM...that means I'm cutting clockwise doesn't it!!?? LOL!!
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                I'm right handed and I cut either way.

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                  I'm right handed and I prefer to cut counter clockwise. I feel awkward cutting the other way.



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                    "I can cut either way but find it more natural if I move the wood in a counterclockwise direction....HHHMMM...that means I'm cutting clockwise doesn't it!!?? LOL!!"
                    I'll bet that got everyone thinking about their answer! I turn the wood counter-clockwise and am right handed.
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                      Not so strange a question at all! I can go either way but tend to go counter clockwise and I'm right handed.
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                        OH MY GOSH, I guess I am the odd ball. for I cut clock wize. i am right handed. and i like to keep the burr into the wood. Marsha said she keeps the waist wood to her left. mm so do I . but I cut clock wize. I find the blade wanders more if i cut counter. but I do cut both ways. I depend on the burr to stay in the wood. like a stiring wheel on a car, when there is play. its just easyer to me to keep the burr cutting into the line, and the wandering is keept to a minamum. just my 2 cts worth. Evie


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                          I use a spiral blade- Who knows which way I'm gonna go !!! lol Rain Man


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                            Rain Man, HA HA, Me too????? everyway . your too funny. Evie


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                              I'm umbidextrous meaning I can create kindling in either direction.

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