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    Project Gutenberg is the first place that ever offered free ebooks.
    The goal of the project was to take classic works who's copyrights had expired and reproduce them in a format which was accessible to the general population.

    This innovative idea got its name from Gutenberg who developed the printing press and movable type. Before that point works were hand written and therefore not available to the masses.

    I am attaching several pages from a book called Handicraft for Boys by A.Frederick Collins, inventor of the wireless telephone. Copyright 1918.

    I love the prices of the saws and the wood. I hope you find the pages entertaining and informative. More books like this are available from Project Gutenberg
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    Thanks Carl for the info! I would love to have the one pictured on the bottom row. $25.00!

    I for one really enjoy seeing this kind of stuff.

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      Second row ... next to last picture. I lost out on one very similar to this on eBay last week. It went for $104. No base but the main unit was really nice.
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        Thanks Carl, i like looking at things like this. Did you see the prices on the woods page 36, (i wish)


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          You can still get woods at that price.
          It didn't say board feet and it didn't specify a width!
          "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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            Ebony....50 cents a foot

            I really got a kick out of the "fancy woods for scrolling."
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              I thought I got the book from Project Gutenberg, but I was mistaken I got it from the Internet Archives. The entire book is available Here

              The Internet Archives also has links to Gutenberg.
              Sorry for the confusion. It is still out of copyright and still available for free.
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              "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
              Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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                Dang Carl. I would love to have this one too. yaaaaaaaa hu.
                your friend Evie.


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