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  • Honest opinion wanted

    I was doing a bit of experimenting yesterday - and wondered what people thought of the look of these. The pattern is Toni and Sue's so apologies to them if they think I've ruined it ..

    They were stack cut from 1/4 "MDF with a ply back, which isn't glued on yet, as you can see if you look closely at the pics .. Spray painted with aerosol paint ..

    I'd welcome any thoughts or comments - both positive OR negative ... don't worry you won't offend me ... my lovely partner has already told me she hates them
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    I think they are great. The only thing I would change is to use MDO instead of MDF to smoother finish.


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      I like them both. The red and yellow color scheme works best in my opinion - more dramatic - but the blue and green one is fine too.

      If CB Designs have that pattern available as a segmentation, I think it would look much more powerful, rather like their Mentora.

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        Ian, I think they're both very impressive. I especially like the red on yellow backing. I don't think Toni or Sue will be upset. they love to see other interpretations of their work.

        Originally posted by knothead
        The only thing I would change is to use MDO instead of MDF to smoother finish.
        What's MDO, I've never heard of it?


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          OK, I'll be the odd one...I liked the blue/green one best. It's a little more subtle and subdued...cooler. Nice job!


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            I'll be the real odd one. I don't care for painted wood projects.
            However, between the two the red-yellow looks best.

            There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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              I think they both have their strengths Ian. The green blue is a subtle combination, while the red yellow is bold and appears to be "back lit".

              Originally posted by Marsha
              What's MDO, I've never heard of it?
              MDO, or medium density overlay, it's engineered plywood with a resin treated fiber applied to both faces. This gives an extremely smooth finish that is easy to paint. In addition it's rated for exterior use, which means it is safe from the elements, insects, or other outdoor hazards, making it a perfect choice for the new deck or porch.
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                I like the red and yellow one best. The design is very attractive.

                What is the purpose of the (veining?) cut in the top right corner? I am not sure that it adds to the overall look, not because it is wrong in itself, but because it is the only example of the technique.

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                  They look fine to me, although I'm not into the painted wood myself. I don't see anything wrong with the design or the craftsmanship...but I'm not into zodiacs either. It's a personal choice, like anything else.
                  Jeff Powell


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                    Thanks for all of the comments - you still haven't convinced SWMBO that they're OK though

                    From my point of view - I like the red and yellow one in terms of colour - and I love the design but can't take any credit for that. There's something nice about the process of cutting those flowing curves combined with the sharp points ..

                    Unfortunately the finish isn't very smooth - definitely need to work on that .. and MDF makes me sneeze even with a dust mask on!!

                    Chris - interesting you noticed that veining line - after I started cutting it I wondered why it was there. Perhaps Toni or Sue could explain it?

                    Gill - there is an intarsia/segmented version of this - look here if you're interested - I just still haven't convinced myself that I'd enjoy sanding and shaping ...

                    Jeff - this isn't anything to do with the zodiac - it's from Sue and Toni's "Masked Personality"series .. I'm wondering now what sign it could be....

                    and finally, Marsha - thanks for asking about the MDO and saving me having to ask ...

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                      I like 'em both, too. I wouldn't have painted it if it were solid hardwood, but I don't have near as big a deal with painting MDF - but something much smoother would be better. IMHO. The zodiac sign would be Leo.

                      The segmentation is pretty cool, too, but I like what you've done with it - really striking in its simplicity.

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                        Both are nice looking Ian,

                        For a smoother finish, think plaster of paris.
                        Mix a small batch and use it like you would a wood filler.
                        Sand the surface, then spread the mixture to fill the imperfections.
                        Once it's dry lightly sand to smooth things out (maybe to 220 or so) Drying should be pretty quick.
                        Then paint and sand and paint to taste.

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                          I think they look cool. I think the colors you have them in really make them POP and stand out. Really cool idea.


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                            I like the blue and green one best, but both look good to me Ian.


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