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  • inkscape

    Hello everyone, I down loaded inkscape yesterday and I can't get it to work. I go to turn a pic to greyscale a little window pops up like it want's to do something and then it's gone LOL , Does anyone know if there is another program you have to down load to get it to work? Clueless with inkscape.

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    Did you reboot after installing? Turn off virus protection and all Windows programs while installing? Try re-installing?



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      I'll give that ashot and let you know what happens.Thanks. Well I shut down the fire wall and still is not working ,I have McAfee virus protection and don't know how to shut it off, anymore help.

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        From the users manual:

        Inkscape can be enhanced by Effects. These are scripts or programs that can be run from inside Inkscape. Most Effects require external programs, usually written in Perl or Python.

        Many of the included Effects might be of marginal use to the average user. However, much can be learned by examining the code in order to write your own scripts. Look in the share/inkscape/extensions directory for the code. Note that on Windows, Effects written with Python will pop open an empty console window. This window will disappear when the Effect is finished.

        A few Effects are built into Inkscape; they are located in the source directory src/extensions/internal.

        If an effect doesn't work, it may be that you are missing some external dependency. You can check the if this is the case by looking at the log file extensions-errors.log in your Inkscape preferences directory (.inkscape on Linux, Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Inkscape on Windows).

        I haven't found any of these directories yet but I have the same 'problem'. I'll keep looking.

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