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Programs for e-mailing tiled patterns

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  • Programs for e-mailing tiled patterns

    Wasn't sure where to ask this question so I figured off-topic was as good as anyplace, hehehe.
    I never gave it much thought as I use rapid resizer to print my patterns but what are my options for sending off a multiple page pattern for folks who can't print larger than 8 1/2 X 14? I've been playing with pdf 995 but one of my buddies (thanks Barry!) indicates that it's not printing correctly on his end.
    I have no problem sending full sized pdf's @ 11 X 14 but it's the tiling that I'm struggling with.
    Any thoughts or suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Have you thought of saving the PDF image over multiple pages like BerryBasket does. That way they can be printed on any printer.
    It is harder at your end, depending on the software.
    Rick H has a great tutorial on his site that shows how to do it with Corel, maybe the process could be adapted to your software.

    Draw a dotted reference line through the middle of the image. Inlcude a segment of the other side when you create your PDF.
    You could then offer the pattern in both formats.
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      Kevin, there is a FREE program called CutePDF writer that I have used for similar applications.

      Essentially you install this writer, create your document in MS Word (or your editor of choice). In your document you will have seperate pages to hold the corresponding sections for the multiple pages of your pattern. Then, simply print to the PDF writer utility and it will create a PDF file. Of course you will have to do a little work to determine what parts of the pattern will be on the pages, etc.

      One would argue, you could just send the document you created in MS Word but MS Word tends to format differently on differnt systems (i.e. margins, fonts not the same, etc) ... but a PDF will generally look much the same on all systems.

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        Thanks guys,
        I was just looking at Rick's tutorial (I use Corel Draw as well). Not sure what happened at Barry's end, I was able to print and assemble the pattern from a different computer here at work without a problem. Guess I'll be playing some more when I get home, hehehe. It's so much easier to just send the whole pattern in pdf on 1 sheet to foxchapel, hehehe.
        I prefer sending the patterns in pdf as they're much cleaner and can be enlarged to virtually any size with no degradation in quality.
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        Making holes in wood with an EX-30, Craftsman 16" VS, Dremel 1680 and 1671


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          If I remember right, Rapid resizer won't accept that correct?

          Perhaps we should contact the developers of the software to see how difficult it would be for them to add PDFs to the accepted formats...



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            Kevin, I just opened Rapid Resizer and chose CutePDF as my "printer" and printed it and VOILA, there was the PDF with multiple pages for each part of the pattern. This might be perfect for ya.
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              One thing to remember is that Rapid resizer will also make prints smaller. Have done that several times and the pattern is enlarged at the other side.
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