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  • Progress on Dragon clock

    A while ago I remember see where people like to see the progress of patterns we're working on, I started this today and I ran into a problemwhen I got to the mouth If you were to cut this out it would fall apart LOL,Look at the tounge and you'll see what I mean.there are three pics just take a look

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    Looks to me like you just need to carry the tongue line down to the jaw. Good job so far.

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      LOL Jerry - you've just had me hunting around for that pattern - I cut that a couple of weeks ago and didn't even notice there was a problem. I was looking at your pics there thinking "I'm sure my pattern didn't have that gap there by the tongue!"

      Anyhow - found the pattern and it's identical - not too surprisingly! Must have just closed up that gap on autopilot!!!

      I also just realised that I have the "wrong" side of my cutting as the front!!!
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        thanks Mike .After looking at the one online that's what I figured,Ian that looks really good I guess after time you just relize to follow though cause some patterns are not complete lol.

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          Those dragons look mighty nice. I've seen the pattern in the catalogue and admired it. Not ready yet to attack that one.

          As usual your work is very nice.
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