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  • Got me a new/used saw

    Well after all of the great disscussion we had on here about what saws you thought were good and the ones you actually use I went with the Dewalt 788. I got the saw used because i found a great deal. The saw is 3 yrs old and was hardly used. It is a type 1. Looks like a great machine. I should have it next week sometime. I found this one for 200 bucks with 44 buck shipping. Can't beat a gently used dewalt for 244. Thanks to all for al of your comments and info on all of the saws.

    Should i change the brushes on the machine when i get it before i get into it hard and heavy.


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    Congratulations on a great buy! I hope you enjoy your 'baby Excalibur'.

    I wouldn't mess with the brushes on such a new machine, myself, except if I had a problem with lack of torque.



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      Congratulations on a great price and saw!
      I agree I wouldn't mess with anything unless it calls for it.
      Now go make some sawdust!

      DeWalt 788

      aut viam inveniam aut faciam

      God gives us only what we can handle.. Apparently God thinks I am one tough cookie.....


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        Congrats on the saw Jesse.
        I hope you have a fun time with it.

        Delta P-20 & Q-3

        I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!


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          I was thinking of leaving it alone i was just wondering.



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            Good find. That's about what I paid for mine off Ebay, a few months ago. It is also a type 1. The only thing I have done with it is wax the table. It's worked great ever since I got it. Now put it to good use.

            Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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              Congrats, your gonna love that yella machine! Dale
              Dale w/ yella saws


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                Congrats Jesse!
                I'm pretty sure you saved yourself some frustration & some money by going this way. Now go have some fun!


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