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  • withdrawals....

    one day and I'm already going through project withdrawals....

    I haven't been to happy with my picture taking skills on the last few projects so I'm thinking about building one of those light boxes..I've had the materials here for months but never got around to making one..Plus I need a good picture of my Police project for the scrollers gallery...

    for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, it's a box that you put your project in to take a helps with the light so you don't get the glare of the flash..

    I just have to find the instructions, there here somewhere...

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    Hi Trout, when you find those instructions would you mind sharing them. I am having the same problems with my pictures. Thanks, Steve
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      Why a light box? All you need is a sheet and an incandescent lamp. That's how I photographed the attachment. The frame does has glass, by the way, and I used the built in flash. You have to toy with the camera settings some to get the colors correct.
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      • markdavd
        Reply to Frustrated
        by markdavd
        When a blade slips out, the tendency is to tighten it more. Make sure you haven't over-tightened the clamp forcing the sides apart. Most OEM clamps are made from soft aluminum so once it starts they will continue spreading and it will be near-impossible to keep the blades in place.

        Today, 10:03 AM
      • Sandy Oaks
        Reply to Frustrated
        by Sandy Oaks
        Blade slippage is a function of the blade clamp holder and or the set screw and thumb screw with swivel.
        Today, 09:40 AM
      • NC Scroller
        Reply to Frustrated
        by NC Scroller
        Tricia what saw do you have? Does the blade slip or it just won’t tighten?
        Today, 08:01 AM
      • wjbclocks1
        Reply to Frustrated
        by wjbclocks1
        Are yoou sure that your not puting the blades to far up in the top clamps,. ( l learned thst the hard way)...
        Today, 07:46 AM
      • cwmagee
        Reply to Frustrated
        by cwmagee
        Have you tried to rough up the thumb screws tips? How old are the blade clamps? may be time to replaced them.
        Today, 06:48 AM