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  • Compound cutting Poll

    1. How many are interested in undertaking a compound cutting project?
    2. How many have actually made a compound cutting?
    3. If you've actually made a compound cutting, are you buying patterns or making them?
    4. If making them, what software, if any, are you using to create the pattern?
    5. What wood are you using to create compound cuttings?

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    Well Mike, I have done a few compound cuttings and have plans for several more. I have yet to try my hand at creating the patterns though. Cuttings have been in poplar, pine, and oak so far. I enjoy doing them because they involve scrolling and turn out pretty neat.

    Paul S.


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      somehow you can make this a real poll much like the one on what saw do you use posting thats floating around on here. My answers...1-I am 2-I have 3-purchased patterns 4-NA 5-red oak, purpleheart, cedar, pine, maple, walnut.
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        Yes I have made a few and I used patterns gotten free on internet or from Diana Thompson's book. Pine mostly. Loved it.
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          I have done some compund cutting, some patterns I bought some I made. I didnt really use software although once they were cut I did redraw them with my favorite program.
          I like using polar for the cutting it is soft enough to cut yet hard enough to be stable. I have also use maple.
          There is some 3D software out there for free, it is called CB model pro No relations to CB Designs It looks promising but there is quite a learning curve.
          Sketchup was also mentioned. That is the software Pedrofret uses to render some of his images.
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            I compound cut some Christmas decorations from Diana Thompson's patterns in the Christmas edition of CW&C. They came out very successfully, although I used ash instead of pine. On the strength of that success I bought a couple of her books and one day I'll find the time to have a go at one of her chess sets.

            I'd be interested in a program to help produce compound cuts but I don't know if I've got time to learn how to use it.

            So to answer your points:

            1 - I'm in! 2 - I have 3 - Buying them 4 - Not Applicable 4 - Ash

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              Otay, you talked me into it.
              1 - Depends on the project.
              2 - I have
              3 - Buying
              4 - Corel Draw (still learning)
              5 - Douglas Fir, Aromatic Cedar, Mahogany
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                I've done lots of compound cutting, it is my favorite scrolling technique. I've made several chess sets, candle holders, miniature clocks & christmas ornaments. All my patterns have come from Diana Thompson, I think I have all her books. I have tried my hand at pattern making, using just a pencil and graph paper, not too successful though. My favorite woods are, for chess sets, Pine and Red Cedar. I've also used Maple, Oak, Zebra wood, Paduak and Poplar.
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                  I'll start another thread for each of your questions, Mike...I can't do it all in one thread...

                  You should be able to do it yourself, too, by posting the thread, going back in, and clicking on "Thread Tools" then "Add Poll."

                  BTW, I moved this from the new designs area to the General area


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