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    Another masterpiece!
    There is a whole dynamic energy that flows in this piece.
    You did a great job with the areosol. It is a classic case of less is more.

    You certainly have your own style of segmentation, it is nice to see.
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      Very Nice piece Gill, well done


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        Well done Gill



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          I want a router.

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            Oops. I was responding to page 1 of this thread. I hadn't noticed the little two.
            Nice work Gill. You've really got an edge there.

            The limits of the imagination are imaginary.
            No task is too tedious for Art.
            Rock and Scroll

            My Gallery

            My Website
            Featherwood Woodcrafts


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              Good job Gill, in addition to wood working I also draw & paint. This may not have been the look that you were looking for but I can tell you the finished results is good. It gives a 3D look of a sphear, color is perfect.

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                That looks really good Gill, well done.


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                  I'm a fan!


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                    Gill, in your segmentation do you raise and lower different pieces, or are they all assembled flat after coloring them? Dale
                    Dale w/ yella saws


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                      You have lovingly adapted your dancing figures style to the skating world, congrats.

                      And the router tips you have given are helpful to many I am sure.

                      Just curious: what's wrong with the airbrush?

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                        You guys are very kind - thanks for being so nice about the project .

                        Dale - I don't raise any of my pieces at all. They're just one flat board, segmented and with the edges knocked off. Perhaps I ought to try shimming some segments and shaping them; if I was working with stained wood as opposed to painted MDF I might be more inclined to do so.

                        Marcel - I thinned down the acrylic paint but it wouldn't come out of the brush.

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                          Tip o' the day


                          That a good tip. I'll need to use my router more often. The segmentation looks a bit like Torval and Dean, don't you think? Any way well done.


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                            Gill, When I use my airbrush I use paint that is made specificaly for it. If you you use a fine airbrush some of the cheaper pigments are too lumpy. Did you try filtering the paint after thinning? I assume the air brush will spray plain water, if not check for leaks the siphon feed guns are sensitive to leaks at the joints where you attach the jar. Also make sure your jar is vented. If it is a gravity feed with an open cup check for clogs. I put my finger over the tip of the gun and press the trigger air should bubble back through the paint cup ,jar.

                            Good luck
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