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  • Randy Huckeby
    Hey Jesse,
    Welcome to the Forum. My 2 cent opinion is to keep what you have until you can afford a better saw. I remember Silver (Duane) down in Sioux Falls liked his Ryobi, but I don't recall many that liked it. I don't believe that saw would be much of an upgrade from what you have.

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  • woodwilldo
    started a topic Wondering about a saw?

    Wondering about a saw?

    First let me say I'm sorry for the long post. I am currently looking at
    upgrading a new scroll saw and i have found one in my price range and it
    looks like it has all of the features that i am looking for. I don't have
    the money to buy a very nice Dewalt or Hegar or an Excaliber so this is my
    option as of right now so i wanted to see what you all think and if any
    one has this saw.

    The saw i am looking at is the Ryobi 18" variable speed scroll saw.

    It comes with a Teflon coated worktable, integrated blower and light, variable speed:500-1600 spm, this unit is factory reconditioned with a 1 year warranty.

    I am currently using a tradesman 16" variable scroll saw that i got from Lowes about 2 years ago. The saw is great don't get me wrong and it could last me another 10 years. The current saw i have does have its limitations though. for example the tension lever is located at the back of the saw so blade changes are really a downtime, not a lot but enough that i have to reach to the back of the saw and release the tension then change the blade then retention. The other part about this saw is that it came with the option of pin less blades but it wasn't the pinch type blade holder, it worked on a screw that would twist the blade and would break the blades as well. So I switched it out with a sears blade holder that pinches the blade it and worked great, the only problem that I see with this is the fact that the bottom blade holder is loose and if your not careful when a blade brakes it just flies out sometimes and then i am on the floor looking for the holder.

    This Ryobi says it is meant for pin less or pinned blades. It appears that the blade clamp is the pinch type, but you can't see the bottom blade holder. It has all of the components located up front for easy access.

    Now for the questions:

    First what makes a scroll saw with a quick blade changing system?

    Does anyone have this saw and if you do what do you like about it and what don't you like about it?

    Can anyone explain all of the features that are located on the from of this saw. What I mean is the tension screw and the lever on top of the top arm?

    The Teflon coated worktable good or bad?

    Can you use the Johnson paste wax on the table top? (I have used this stuff and man it is amazing after you put it on)

    Is a 2" cut depth good?

    The table tilt is only 10 degrees to the right and 45 degrees to the left. Could this be a problem?

    What about a 1 inch blade stroke good or bad?

    What type of vibration does this saw have?

    Ok enough questions for now I know I will probably have more later as I keep comparing the Dewalts, Hegar, and the Excalipers to it.

    I have found some pros and cons on the internet about this machine but not many so that is why I am submitting it to the great scroll saw board.

    Tool free Blade Change

    Dust blower and Light vibrate at certain speed setting. (I did find a solution to this problem, someone said to tape a 1/2 oz. weight to the end and it eliminated the problem.

    I currently use my scroll saw for intarsia and portraits and fretwork.

    Here are some of the featuers and specifications as listed on the internet.


    - Teflon(TM) coated anti-static worktable to reduce material binding and
    improve cutting performance
    - Tool-less blade change accepts both pin and plain end 5" blades
    - Variable speed for use on a variety of materials and applications
    -Convenient up front controls are within easy reach of the user
    - Integrated blower and light directs light and blower in most convenient
    - Vacuum port for dust collection
    - Removable/multi-position throat plate improves cutting and visibility
    for blade replacement - On board blade storage drawer


    - Universal Permanent Magnet Motor - 120 Volts AC @ 1.2 amps (approx. 1/7
    - Weight: 3.5 lbs.
    - Dimensions: 27.25 l x 12w x 13.75 h
    - Throat Clearance: 18 inches
    - Depth of cut: 2 inches (measured from table top to bottom of drop foot
    at highest position)
    - Blade Stroke: 1 inch
    - Variable speed: 500 to 1600 Strokes per Minute
    - Electronic Speed Control
    - Blade size and style: 5-inch Plain- and Pin-End
    - Table bevels: 10 degrees right and 45 degrees left with adjustable stop at 0 degrees

    Ok now that I have either bored you or made you want to shoot me for such a long post. Now comes the time to let me have it, I mean all of the information you can give me about this saw. Can you compare it to your own saw that you have and tell me what yours has that this one does not. I want it all. I'm not going to buy unless I am confident that this saw will better my scroll saw experience.

    Thanks in advance,
    Jesseryobi 18.jpg

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