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Trout's wooden handcuffs

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  • Trout's wooden handcuffs

    Some of you probably remember Trout's son is graduating from the police academy soon and after he saw the locks I made, he mentioned it would neat to have a pair of wooden handcuffs to give him as a graduation gift. Well... I couldn't get the idea out of my head so last week I sat down and drew up some plans for a set. I don't have both sides done yet but enough you'll get the idea of the finished product. I used walnut and oak... my usually 2 woods of choice. I had tried to use plywood but it didn't have the strength to take the pressure when you insert the key and turn. I sent him the plans over the weekend.
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    Pop - That is a really neat project and its looking good so far. Can't wait to see the finished project. Takes some talent.
    Are you going to put those plans on the market and is the project something a novice scroller/WW could do?

    Paul S.


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      great job Pop. I would be interested in the plans too since I have a friend graduating from the RCMP in April. I often thought that old broken and dull scroll saw blades would make great springs for such projects
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        Count me in for a set of plans if you market them. Those are neat and you do a great job on your locks. Steve
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          What a great, and interesting idea! Glad there are such imaginative people here in the group!


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            Cuff's look great and the plan very professional. Quite a job.

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              What an imaginative project. It would be nice to something like this published in SSW&C .

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                I go away for a little while, and when I get back I see lots of neat stuff that everybody has done. And those handcuffs are really cool! It looks like you have a real knack for designing. I would love the opportunity to buy a copy of those plans 'when' they come available.

                Keep up the great work!
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                  I think...

                  this is about the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me..

                  Pop's the cuffs looks great and I can't wait to make them...
                  on our way out of town on Friday, I was telling Mrs.Trout about what you were doing and I just showed her this post along with the picture and she is totally blown away...
                  these cuffs will be a very special present to our son and we thank you very much for the time you have put into this project...

                  I'm in for a long week so I'll be starting them this weekend and I hope I can do justice to your pattern..

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                    Hey, Trout.
                    I made a couple of these clocks, one for a neighbor who retired from the Mount Pleasant PD, and one for my niece who joined the Racine PD. You might think about one for your son. The pattern can be ordered from Scroller LTD. The pattern # is MOE81. The attachment shows her actual badge #. I used a stencil font to insert the number.
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                      Those are awesome, Pop and that's a very neat set of plans who have there in the background .. I'm sure you could market those - or sell an article to a magazine ..

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                        Hey there Pop! I flat out love your design and execution on these. Having made a few locks I know how difficult they are to design and I haven't seen a better design anywhere. I'll jump on the band wagon too if the pattern ever becomes available. I'd love to compare your locking mechanism to mine.

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                          Those cuffs are real cool. Count me in for some plans as well. I have a nephew that just got into the LasVegas police academy so I would like to make a pair for him.

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                            Hello. can u send a complete pattern for handcuffs?
                            btw: awesome project!



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                              Any luck finding any plans? John. [email protected]


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