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    Here are two puzzles where the pictures are perfect for my style of freehand color-line cutting. Each made me salivate from seeing the images within them that could be cut out as pieces. Each is about 330 pieces and measures a little over a square foot. In both cases, I have flipped the picture of the back so you can orient where the pieces fit.

    The first, which I just finished, is called Teacher Tribute and is a real easy one to put together, about a 2 on a scale of 10.

    The second, Renoir, is a bit more difficult, perhaps a 7 or so. I cut it a couple years ago, but my wife recently put it together again and I thought I would share it.

    Your comments and questions are always appreciated........Have phun.....Carter

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    Those are both great subjects. I very much like the treatment of the edge in the Renoir puzzle, that's cunning and visually effective too.

    I wish I could cut securely at that sort of scale too. Less than half a square inch per piece! At the moment I am cutting I suppose about 225 pieces to a square foot which is about 2/3 square inch per piece. Smaller than that and I start to feel the pressure when it comes to cutting the knobs, you have to be so accurate on ther turns to avoid cutting right through the neck!

    All that and color line cutting too...

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      Carter, those are great puzzles and they do great lines for line cutting. I have not been able to do any cutting for the last few weeks. Partly because of the cold and also I am building a new work shop and it is going to take some time to get it finished.

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        Carter, one again you are in inspiration to all us puzzle-cutter wannabees. I may try a small puzzle soon for a neighbor.

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          I don't know where you find these pictures, Carter, but they're perfect for you. Nice cutting!

          Chris, I have one of those circular magnifier lights and, if anything, my pieces tend to run undersize because of it, with next to no chance of cutting through. If I am cutting larger pieces, I have to start off without it lest I wind up with what I call "teeny tabs", and pieces so small that I have thrown a few puzzles away because of them. I've gone as small as 3.75 pieces per square inch, which makes for a tough puzzle!

          I've found that 2.25 pieces per square inch works out to about the size of my thumbnail. That helps keep things in perspective when I'm looking through the magnifier.



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            You freehand puzzle folks just amaze me. I'd also like to see the faces of the folks trying to put one together... hope they have lots of patience and time on their hands. Great subjects and work.
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              Neat puzzles Carter, I really like the first one.

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